Stepping back , sorry Amanda

I was busy typing last nights post when Amanda was trying talking and I said wait  as I’m busy doing a post. When I finally got to chat the moment to chat had passed, this isn’t the first time this has happened. I have got that caught up in this book blogging world that I didn’t talk to my wife , what the fuck is wrong with me . Well as I had trouble sleeping last night, as  I felt so bad about not talking to my darling wife last night . What if something happened, what  I would remember is  the fact I was busy typing away about a book, well sometimes things are more important in real life and looking back my favourite post this year on here for me it  was the one on Amanda and I trip to york, not the books .In a way the books are like a hamster wheel, that  I have got caught in I love reading but lets face it I am and never will be a decent reviewer, passion goes so far. I have step back this last 12 months I have from twitter and now feel I will do the same with blogging if this blog carries on it will be either a post once in a blue moon or just about amanda and I life and not a book blog any more.There are many great book bloggers out their a lot more translated blogger from when I started.So the next time amanda wants a chat I will chat.

November 2015


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