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Many of you may have noticed yesterday I said I was going move blog and direction well I ll explain why and why from time to time I get upset about three years ago I got a couple of nasty comments on the blog I trashed them since then I have been getting semi regular e mail of what one must say of a rather nasty nature basically implying that a )I am stupid b )this blog isn’t worth my time or readers time and c )I know nothing , and many fat nasty things beside that ,well I used open them think why and just leave it so as has been point out I can be sensitive yes when I ve been u set this pressure I tend to get upset well i have been getting this every week sometimes twice a week fir last three years i ve no idea why this person has taken against me .anyway an e mail came with the line how is winston and not notice it was from someone i didn’t know opened it,well yesterday I’ll not say what was in It but it was bad and made me think that’s it fuck them why should i have to put up with this ,but no why should I back down .I hope that by showing they haven’t won even thou they thought they might have yesterday . I expect they’ll be another mail soon but it will now just be binned unopened .I hope this explains my actions over last few years I feel happy now I have said something .The blog carries on regardless .i just hope I haven’t open floodgates to more abuse but I had to say something people think I m bonkers and I am not .

Literary fascism and me

drooker_web smashing the wall on translation

Well bet that got you looking at this post good .I need to clear my chest and get something of my chest that really bug me .I don’t easily get bugged but I feel something that  need to be said and some things need to be changed ! Well I ll start this followed seeing a book review that got lot people excited including myself about one book ,now I ll not name the book or the publisher that isn’t fair and to say this isn’t the first time I’ve had this feeling about books and publishers who are  at the heart of some high-end literature publishing fiction  in translation.That  there is a sort of fascism at heart of what they do and that is they don’t consider the everyday reader  clever enough  or entitled to read the cannon ,I feel this is an insult on the everyday  reader and a loss to  those writers they publish on there  behalf For them to try to say any books is beyond people is an insult to the reader  .I often think I maybe come across as stupid or not to literate as I write this blog and it has been noted before . Well let me tell you, yes my education is quite basic I grew up in a time before computers and much investment in working with people with certain problems like mine .I suffer from a disorder called dyspraxia .This made my own handwriting hard but also at times I found everyday school a nightmare as a clumsy kid with scruffy writing and also other problems like being unable to sometimes grasp grammar or misunderstand words with similar sounds ie there and their I know which is which but sometimes if I don’t note them in a piece i m writing  ,I get them the  wrong way round .So yes my post are rough and ready and this will thus set me at a disadvantage to most bloggers ,But I am them for the every day reader and try to draw people into fiction in translation .But this condition doesn’t mean I don’t understand or am unable to perceive the most complex novels or short stories because I can .I tend to write post for the Everyman like myself and I want books in translation to be for every one to choose rather than have them put on the top shelf because there is a feeling they aren’t for some people, man who do these people think they are  .I know for a fact that none of the people I have in mind will ever read this shame I don’t mind them reading it .Because they have their own ideas on what they do and boy is it wrong they are same people who will say oh I don’t like soma, big companies and what ever the liberal cause is this week ,  then go about their own work in a fascist style  make sure there books seem above the everyday reader ! As I say I m not picking one person publisher or book because I m not the type of person to do that but if you think you are one of these people hey why not try to sell some more of your books by getting them in the hands of an everyday reader .This comes to the core of what I want to do with winstonsdad  and that is to break down the wall that reader have built up round works in translation .Oh and one question probably you all ask left school at 18 after two years at college I had then found my calling and that is to work with people with learning disabilities  ,I had decided to do my job at 14 and never regretted it ,I make a difference every day to the people I look after and not many people can say that can they .

How do you view this world ?

Do you find it insulting ?

June 2023


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