Bottom’s dream or Nightmare or is it Jam and Jerusalem Epic reading options

I saw earlier today a post on conversational reads That Scott Esposito had posted a picture of this year maybe most awaited amoung die hard translated fans and that is the epic Bottom’s dream by Arno Schmidt , whom I reviewed earlier this year one of his shorter books The egghead republic. But Bottom’s dream is a whole different kettle of fish a book that in the german editon a folio size 1348 page book. To give you a glue of how huge this book is here is a video of the german edition being flicked through

The book follows the struggle of  a german translator in translating the works of Edgar Allen Poe into english and is also influenced by the wordplay James Joyce used in Fnnegans wake.Well Dalkey Archive and John E Woods the  translator , who has spent years working on it. Welll 2,250,000 words is a lot as Scott point out 4 times theat of War and Peace. Add to that is the cost at 50 pound it will be an investment, but also a talking point for many years to come. Then if that isn’t enough I have also an eye on this book Jerusalem by Alan Moore

A book that follows 6000years of history in his home town of Northampton . He said in an interview there was chapter influenced by Jame Joyce , Samuel Beckett and Noir as the tale of this town is told by 12 characters .This is also a 1,000,000 word novel and has a three vol editon coming out also in sept . So I have a battle of epic reads to try and read . Which of these two epic novels grabs you ?

Some recent arrivals at Winston’s towers


The first of four books to arrive in the last few days is the latest by one of the best known writers in translation in recent years Herman Koch whose The Dinner is one of those books that was a runaway success. He did an interview at the time of the dinner . This latest is a about a writer whom is being watched by the narrator of the book but why is he being watched by him ?


Tom Lanoye is a well-known Belgium writer Tells the story of his own mother Josee an actress and flamboyent character after she has a stroke which meant she lost her voice . A mother coping with the loss of one of her  sons and the other being Gay is a modern tale.


Next up a purchase from Amazon Mati Unt was a writer I reviewed in the first year if this blog so felt it was time to revisit him with this modern gothic telling of the vampire story mixing fiction and actual Estonian history.


Last up is the latest by Norwegian writer Roy Jacobson about a small Norwegian Island but this is just as Norway is opening its doors to the wider world .I like the cover art of this one something Art deco about it in a way.


Two faces Italy and Iceland march on euro 2016


I arrived home yesterday to two books through the post . I was surprised firstly by an odd similarity in the two cover images. The first book young bride by Alessandro Barico the Italian writer follows a young women joining a noble family but as she does so she has learned secrets from each of her new family members. I have enjoyed his books before so am looking forward to this his latest in English.Then it is a real treat the next book by Jon Kalman Stefansson this book Fish have no feet is the first of his books to be set in a modern setting to be translated to english his trilogy which I enjoyed was a historic novel. This book follows a man returning to his childhood home town with memories of the music of the beatles and pink Floyd and a girl he once fell in love with. So as yesterday saw both Italian team and Iceland go forward to the next round in euro 2016 with Iceland playing England in the second round.

7 years bloganniversary let’s go to Spain


The wordpress app told me at weekend it was seven years since winstonsdad started its trip around the world of Literature. In that time I have managed to review 635 books from 103 countries a real tour of the world . I miss the old days of blogging when it seemed new and fun but the recent move and a new library have spurred this old blogger on to carry on so we start off with the next spanish lit month which is next month. I have five books I plan to read one is reread.


First up is two books due out from Harvil secker The first from a new star of Spanish Literature DIvorce is in the air by Gonzalo Torne one for the fans of Ferrante and Knausgaard says Harvil . Next is On the edge by Rafael Chirbes one of the great writers of recent times from Spain he won two of the biggest prizes in Spanish literature.


Nocilla dream is the reread of the pile a wonderful odd collection of short snippets like a trail of photos with stories made up about them. I enjoyed it on the first read but felt a second reading would be worth it for this collection .


Next up is Loquela by Carlos Labbe the chilean writer is compared to Borges and this is a warped love story and detective novel in one . One of those books that challenges the reader.


Lasr but not least is the won derfully witty Sky over lima which sees two writers in Chile write and start a love affair in letter with the famous Spanish poet Juan Ramon Jimenz .In what started as a plan to get his latest book early turns it a love in letters .

Have you any plans for Spanish lit month ?

How do you keep your blogging fresh after a number of years ?

I’m back welcome to my book cave winstonsdad new HQ

Well its been a week since I moved from my old house to our new home which I now have a room for all the books a personnel library come office to blog from and read. I had to decide whether to keep my old shelves or buy new but when looking at the shelves I had five mismatch units I decide to take the dive and buy six billy shelves a new chair and small table.



We managed to get in the weekend before and put the new book cases up. Then bit by bit I brought some books down and loaded the shelves. I wanted these new shelves to be more ordered than my shelves at the old house .



The plan was a shelf full of my hard backs then shelves for Penguins . Then to order the rest of the books by Country or region . I managed to do this . So I have French , German, Italian , Spanish Portuguese together. Then regional lit of Eastern Europe, Latin America  , Asia,Middle East and Africa. Th en I pulled certain publishers together and new books and hey presto I have ordered shelf and the new HQ for Winstonsdad . I also can now easily find the books for Next months Spanish Lit month which Richard and I are running again for the third year  soryy fourth year doesn’t time fly . Anyway I will be filling you all in near the time on my choices .

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There as you can see my shelves are full and winstonsdad has a new home to return from. Tomorrow I return to Book reviews with  a french novel about a Romanian which given Euro 2016 kicks off with France against Romania .

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