Its not reinventing the circle hiatus nonsense !

I am one that tends to think in haste and write a post then sit and wonder if I did the right thing so I spent 36 hours away from the net as a test .What I had see in the video I mention  had  upset me , the other day because I have been guilty of all the things seen ion it at some point .But I spent 36 offline over last two days and hated it .The reason I spent 36 years without tech like my laptop was because I just didn’t know what they could bring to my life  which was a world of booklovers and discovering new books .What rather than avoiding all internet ,social media what I needed  is a new way of thinking and that is to use it less at times and more at other times as we work shifts ,I have a lot of time in our house alone which I don’t use to the best ability , usually reading a bit ,but actually I  mainly watch tv mysteries and Sherlock Holmes films (I brought the complete Rathbone collection and I would watch them every day if I could I love them that much even thou I could quite easily quote every film from start to finish ) .So I need to make more use of this time which I haven’t it has become dead time in my life when it could have been used more usefully than I have .Thus freeing time to spend with my darling wife .So I won’t be disappearing I will be here and I will be using my time very different to before and making use of time I haven’t .I will be back to books later today .Also I have a Pushkin press fortnight to run and the Independent foreign fiction prize starts in February ,what a daft time to disappear my favourite event of the year .

Advento no brasil Feliz Natal advent in Brazil

Sorry for my Portuguese speaking  friends if my title isn’t  quite right , Well I ve been going on for months if not years about the rise in Chinese fiction I felt was due (although I’ve not overly connect with Chinese fiction ) I have also had a back of my head that Brazil is going be a world power soon if it is  not already  I ve been wanting to do something Brazilian fiction as a little introduction and to build to a bigger Project when they host the  world cup in 2014 I m sure that Brazilian fiction may be the next Nordic crime  as these events get nearer people will want to learn and hopefully read fiction from Brazil .They also Have the  next Olympics in 2016 .So When Kimbfo ask for Brazilian books to read recently it set me thinking about my lack of Brazilian reading ,I have two books I ve reading recent  weeks .There is also the recent Michael Palin series set in Brazil which has given me a little background and knowledge of brazil as a whole  to also give me a nudge .So over next month December I will post on the books read and some I am getting ,also maybe talk a bit about things Brazilian I ve enjoyed over the years .I promise it won’t all be football but there will be some I mean to me as a child Brazil meant foot ball names like Pele ,Carlos Alberto ,Zico and Socrates conjured images of sun and great football skills .So you will learn maybe who Neymar is as well as who Joaquin Maria Machado de Assis .

Recent books from Brazil I ve read –

House of the Fortunate Buddhas by João Ubaldo Ribeiro

the second a new offering from Machlehose press

The Spies by Luís Fernando Veríssimo

Then the new issue of Granta is a Brazilian writer collection ,and I seen my library system has a Clarice Lispector novel(not the new ones thou if I get chance I may get one of these ). so that makes four books from Brazil at the moment  and a chance to turn December into a celebration of Brazilian Fiction for myself and Hopefully you as well ,so lets Samba on down over the end of year and Christmas .So if you’d like join and read some books from Brazil  please  tell me and we can all Samba in the cold of our December or the heat if your down under  .






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