The first Shadow The Booker international prize Bingo 2020

I was asked last week By Tony Malone if I wanted to carry on the shadow jury I initially said no. But I had second thoughts but I wanted to give it a spin on previous years as it returns to the original Booker prize name next year under a new sponsorship deal. I had decided to do a Bingo card when the longlist comes out which will have a number for each book on the longlist as the chance to do a vertical line of three books, the four corners for four a horizontal line for five books. I will design badges for each level and combination of levels which means badges for reading 3 books, 4 books, 5 books, 7 books, 9 books, and the full dozen. I am nervous that the Italian Novel Catholic school by Edoardo Albinati that is 1200 plus pages may make the longlist. I am trying to read it over Christmas. I welcome everyone and all I ask is you rank the books you read so we can work a shortlist out on whatever level you take part in will be welcome bloggers old and new also Goodreads instgram bookfolks etc. I have thought of a hashtag #BookerBingo . Here are the Judges for this years prize.

The Judges

January 2020
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