Bye bye #translation thurs but welcome #translationeveryday from here and I’ve a new blog as well !!!


Well I decided to start a small sideline blog today to this blog , I’ve had an itch I’ve want to scratch to cover english lit from pre 1960 which has always been a love of mine so instead of ending this which is my love and real passion , I started winston my boy a small occasional blog  focusing on the books mention but maybe english tv drama not sure yet post will be a couple a month . Now I maybe came accross wrong on twitter earlier this blog is now just translation and will be carrying on I have the target of a thousand books reviewed to reach and now want the next 440 to be just translated books or african fiction .But as I said on twitter , I find it hard to do the #translationthurs hashtag every week I will not be rt it as much and may just tweet my own reads .I feel I have supported it enough to step back and let people just use it week in and week out .So witmonth is nearly done I’ve a few more reviews to come and then I feel like a week in Africa I have a few books with African connections to review that I have read so not to worry much the same as ever just a new blog from me and me stepping back from #translationthurs .But from here much the same as ever if not more so .I will be using the #translationeveryday hashtag for my own post to reflect the fact that this blog does translated fiction  365 days a year  and will carry on well forever lol  .But I will be reviewing a few Wnglish books other at the other blog .

March 2023


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