Winston’s cover Grimm for a grim day


The same day I got the Gunter Grass Proof I saw this in the same store he had everything half price so this early seventies selection of Grimm stories selected by Lore Segal and Maurice Sendak and Translated By Lore And illustrated by Maurice, of course sendak is best known for his book where the wild things are . His illustrations here are so in keeping with the Grimm tales.


As you see with this one for The fisherman and his wife, which of course formed the kernel of the idea for the Gunter Grass novel the Flounder I reviewed last month on the blog.

Winston’s covers two Nobel


I always look coming home to a parcel of books and today saw a double helping of Patrick Modiano Novels. Last year before he won the Nobel prize you’d struggled to buy a physical book. So for me his winning was a blessing havin enjoyed the one book I could get easily pre nobel win. So I have read three since he won and these are two latest the first Black notebook follows a writer searching for a lover from 40 years earlier when they were together in the 1960s.


The second book is the story of Louki or as others know her Jacqueline Delanque tld from four points of view herself, a detective, a man in a cafe and her lover. Both are set in Paris and are out next year

Winston’s cover Eça de Queiroz


Today’s cover is part of what I want do next year and that is add more Portuguese literature it is my one weak spot in Europe I haven’t read enough from here. So when I found this from what is considered the great Portuguese writer Eça de Queiroz an old edition  his books are all been published by Dedalus in English he is first in a few writers I want to try from Portugal any more suggestions welcome

Winston’s covers If Orson Welles was a fan I’m sold


I subscribe to Mubi, A movie streaming service with a new film every day to watch so when Last Monday a film from Orson welles The immortal story , a french production for tv he made in the late 1960’s. I had to watch it firstly I hadn’t seen it before but also in looking up about the production for the film Welles was a fan of the writer of the story Karen Blixen (AKA Isak Dinesen). He had planned to do a number of short stories by her but end up making just this one. So when this weekend my great luck at seee or finding a book I have just discovered  struck again when I found the collection containing the Immortal story .I had to laugh another lucky find.

Have you read Blixen/Dinesen ?

Winston’s covers – Eye catching Bird !!

Jaap robben

I love this cover, when earlier this year I got the world edition catalogue this picture was on the cover. I wasn’t even that bother by what the book was just that cover. Well I have been sent it and the book well that may be a gem it won the Dutch bookseller prize getting a quarter of the vote of the 117 books up for the prize. The book follows a mother and son relationship, they live on a small island between Scotland and Norway , Mikeal whose  father has disappeared whilst out on the sea. This follows His  and his mother’s life just after that has happened. I just think if Gerbrand  Bakker said “Beautiful Just beautiful ” about this book it has to be worth reading!!!

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