Neighbours -the story of a murder by Lilia Momple

Lilia Momple

Notes –

Lilia Momple is from Mozambique she trained in social services before becoming a writer she has written a number of novels ,her main influence is her grandmother how told her stories ,with fragile heros .she has lived in London and Brazil ,she was also  head of the Mozambican writers union .

The book –

The story follow three house in a village during an evening and the morning ,there is a backdrop of the new state of Mozambique finding its feet after being a portuguese colony ,as we travel round the house we find out about family histories disappointing marriages ,traitors, abuse and secrets . Narguiss is a quiet woman that wants a quiet life but has a number of issues in her life a husband that wanders .Dupont a guy that has a secret and seems to be easily lead ,this leads to a thrilling climax as worlds collide and actions have to be done .all this and the intrigue of south Africans trying to unsettle the fledgling Mozambique .

From the small verandah of her flat ,Narguiss is once again contemplating the sky where contrary to what the moulanas say must be ,not even a trace of the moon can be seen .It is clear may sky dotted with stars of such intense brightness that they give the impression of being very close by ,But Narguiss can see nothing of the moon and this makes her feel disappointed and uneasy .

The opening chapter – Moulanas -means islamic priest .


My view –

I love this story it had parts ,I like the end of empire new countries finding there feet ,village life which i think is the same whether its set in the world ,it shows us how similar we are in character .Lilia has a real way of telling stories ,you can see how her grandmother’s influence her story telling and the link to the oral tradition of stories .If you like a tale of family and intrigue this will be up your street .

June 2023


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