Off side by Tom Palmer

off side Tom Palmer

Notes –

Tom Palmer didn’t read a book til he was teenager then it was a football book ,this is the third in the series called foul play ,he has been to Ghana to research and also spoke to people in the fair trade movement .he was shortlist for the blue peter book i couldn’t put down .

the book –

We join Danny Harte the teenage detective and footy fan of the previous books as the book opens his beloved city football club are on the verge of a mystery takeover from unknown bidders from overseas he is at the ground commentating to his blind father the match and the demonstration at the end .Meanwhile another story starts Kofi is in Ghana a gifted football player ,goes to play football in Ghana’s second city Kumasi ,when his approached by a middle-aged man valled Jonathan Shearer saying he is an agent from Danny’s city and they want him but his family will have to pay to get him there ,back in england Danny is arrest and told to stop being a detective by his family.Kofi is on hos way to england hand a phone and warm coat he boards the plane on arrival he finds it is a huge hoax and there is no job for city ,so he is homeless in a unknown country this is where his and Danny’s stories unite and what follows is a roller coast ride of news stories and kidnapping .

My View –

I was asked to review this by Sarah at book rabbit ,she knows i love football so said yes have also been looking for a young adult to read and this was perfect i sat and read it ion a few hours ,what tom has done is wonderfully summed up major concerns in world football for kids with out talking down to them ,this book should be given to any young boy that likes football but not reading it is vibrant and gives people a view in to the darker side of football .there is also the undercurrent of fairtrade to get kids think about where things come from .a lovely book this is out this month from puffin .

March 2023


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