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Well this dropped on the doorstep yesterday. I have only read Madame Bovary years ago so as I am wanting to try as part of my forthcoming blog goals page is to try and reach a 100 french books this year as I am only 29 books away from that total this new translation from Oxford university press of sentimental education the tale of Frédéric Moreau journey into manhood from country to Paris as the country under goes great changes.


Then today I got latest  and the first in this year’s fairy tale series from another old friend Peirene press this tale of a gorilla told from his point of view as he struggles  with the the human world and human weakness. Also in the package was the latest Peirene newspaper which I am so.proud to have my blog mentioned as one to read for international literature


winstons post – the event of the decade

Rarely do I get really excited about a book and a writer but this book and its writer deserve to be shouted about ,this is the latest book from the hungarian writer Peter Nadas ,it took him 18 years to write the three volumes that make up parallel stories and it has taken the translator Imre Goldstein 5 years to bring the book to english .It is 1152 pages long so is one of the longest books in translation .The book covers post war eastern europe from end of war the Budapest uprising in 1956 to the fall of the berlin war .I think this book is probably going be the best insight into living behind the iron curtain in fiction .Its told through a number of characters from Germany , Hungary,with its main focus on two families one German ,one Hungarian there is a in-depth interview with him about the book here .The book is due out in November I will be reviewing it then over three days as three books that make the complete book .I feel this is a strong contender for the 2012 Independent foreign fiction prize as a book of this scale rarely comes round .  I think it’ll take a month for me to  get through the book .

What do you think ? 

Winstons books

Been a while since I posted some books that have arrived at Winston towers ,well last week I had five books arrive ,although to be truthful two had been at post office for a number of days but postman hadn’t let me know luckily Simon from the post office three door down from me manage to grab me and tell me they’d been left there .so here are the books –

The books are –

The milk man in the night by Andrey Kurkov – this is the latest offering from th Ukrainian writer ,a satire a man keeps disappearing every night so hires some one to follow him and report back ,with shocking results .I loved death and the penguin by him and have read 50 pages so far and loving it .

The manual of darkness by Enrique De HÉriz  – this is one of Frank Wynne’s latest translations .We follow Victor Losa a magician he is in the middle of an act when he loses his vision ,this sends him on a journey into the past and discovering more about Peter Grouse a famous pickpocket who challenge the famous Victorian magicians to see who was best among them .I m looking forward to this another great Spanish writer by the look of it .

River of shadows by Valerio Varesi – I was sent the paperback by Machlehose books ,but had reviewed the hardback last year here is my review ,if you ,like  you crime tinged with the past this is the book for you .

Killed at the whim of a hat by Colin Cotterill – we follow Jimm Jureee a crime reporter as he tries to find  who killed two skeletons that have been discovered they ve been dead for thirty years and one of them is wearing a hat .I must admit I may have put this to one side as it isn’t a translation but  I like the cover and the story sounds great as well .


ANd last but no means least

Maybe this time by Alois Hotschnig – now the arrival of a new Peirene is alway a treat and here it is number six from the nymph and her girls ,a collection of short stories this time from one of the most well-known writers in Austria ,stories include a man lured into a house where he finds a doll that looks like him .His works have been compared to the late great Thomas Bernhard which is praise indeed .

Which of these books would you enjoy ?

white tiger & passport winners

my 9 year old nice pick the number out as winston is in kennels at mo –

for white tiger she picked no 2 which was rise .

for passport she picked no 7 which was valarie

I ll e mail winners for addresses and send in the next week ,thanks all for entering shall do another give away soon

winstons post and under starts orders

The first 2 from Winstons post are –

Sunset Oasis by Bahaa Taher

This won the first man booker arabic fiction prize ,a mesmerising tale of love ,power and conflict set in 19th century Egypt says the cove ,Taher is ahighly respected writer in his own country ,the book is translated by Humphrey Davies .

The life of an unkown man by Andrei Makine

Makine is considered on of the greatest living writers ,he is a russian born frenchman who lives in paris this is his latest novel .It follos a writer in russia dishearten by modern russia meets a old man and hears his tale of life in russia since the secoond world war ,This is due out in october .and as with all Makine’s books is translated by Geoffrey Strachan .

The other Thing that arrived this week was the poetry collection I won via nonsuch books .This is a collection of  6 volumes ,that were all first published by Faber .the books are beautifully made with great covers and lovely endpapers in each edition .Here is fabers page about them ,many thanks Frances from Nonsuch and Gemma at faber who sent them .


This week means the start of windmills of the mind ,here is my Don Quixote and notebook ready .

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