#bookaday 11 a second hand bookshop gem

This is a second hand gem I found not at a bookshop but a weekly flea market in chesterfield a chap bring some books usually they are either obscure farming ,strange biographies or such like but I always rummage through and last summer this gem turned up. First edition of Mani by Patrick Leigh Fermor ,ok it isn’t a time of gifts but to me it’s a gem I’ve taken inside as cover is cloth and plain and these title pages are just stunning I think .I ve many other gems Du Maurier first editions a couple out of print books .A nice Viking us edition of finnegans wake is latest find ,what about you ,what are your gems ?

#bookaday 7 a book you forgot you had

Well I decide for today just go to my shelves and have a good look around and the first I saw and went oh yeah I brought that and haven’t read it yet .It was this Herman Hesse short story collection which I picked up a few years ago with German lit month in mind ,but also to remind folks Hesse had written other things apart from Steppenwolf ,Siddhartha and Glass bead game .I remember I stuck it to back of the shelves as the cover as you see is rather surreal ,but finding it this morning I think I will keep it now in mind for this years German lit month
What book had you forgotten ?

#bookaday day 6 the one you always give as a gift

Stones in a landslide I reviewed here was the second book by Peirene and still after all this time is one I like to give to people and also gift people when I have chance , a story of a simple girl Conxa who’s life in the Pyrenees is change when she goes to work for her aunt in another village .Village life so different yet in distance she travelled so little .what is you favourite book to give to people ?

#Bookaday 5 book(S) that don’t belong to me


These are a collection of Charles Dickens novels I had seen since my early teens when my parents both remarried ,these were owned by first my step grandfather whom carried one of these in his pocket every day of his working life ,then my dad and my step mum and latterly I borrowed these ,the date from the 1930’s and you can tell how much my step grandfather loved them and Dickens words there is a feeling these are books that have been read but also cared for .They also mean one day I will be doing a huge reading of Dickens ,as i have read most of these in my teens on my holidays to my dad and stepmum  in Belfast and then Dromore ,or when we went to Donegal

What is your book that dosen’t belong to you ?

#bookaday 3 one with a blue cover


Well two Blue cover these exquisite hardbacks are both from Twisted spoon a small Czech press that translates Mittel European fiction   into english .I’ve reviewed a number of there books on the blog .These are both due on the blog laater this year A bouet by Karel Jaromir Erben is a collection of Czech fairy tales ,and the legs of Izolda Morgan by Bruno Jasienski a Polish futurist writer .What is your favourite Blue cover ?

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