Archipelago books Fortnight May 9 -23 2022


I ordered a few books from the US publisher Archipelago I tend to try and get a few every year as I like the look of the books but also love some of there writers they do a lot of books in translation a mix of classic and modern writers from all around the world. They were the US publishers of Karl One Knausgaard they have books on there site that have been translated from 32 languages which is impressive. I have reviewed a number of there books over the years I have a small collection of them I have brought over the time I have been blogging I first got into them when I was looking for books for the original around the world in 52 books in January 2010 I reviewed wonder by Hugo Claus which is still my favourite book from them Have read 12 years later.I have also enjoyed the books they have brought out by Scholastique Mukasonga which they have brought out I have read two by her and have another on the tar to read Why Archipelago?  well it is just that over the years and that is 12 and counting. I have always enjoyed the books from them I have read. Plus I also have a number which is maybe to may for my liking ion the pile unread which gave me the idea of a reading fortnight I did mention it online a few times but never quite sure who reads me these days if anyone. I am doing this for a publisher I love and have enjoyed buying their books over the years. I have 26 of there books I found a couple after the pictures )on my shelves I think I may have a couple elsewhere but that was all I found to take the pictures with of those in the picture I have read


I am currently read the Halldór Laxness Wayward heroes as there is a new translations of one of his books due out in a few months like this one also translated by Philip Roughton. He is a writer I have reviewed once on the blog so I decide it was time to get this one read and with coming up with the idea of a reading fortnight I will review then. I also am reading Autumn rounds by the Quebecian writer Jacques Pulling he is a writer I want to read everything from after I read his book Mister Blue which I reviewed here about Jim and his cat his books do appeal so I got this this week and will get the other books to read maybe in other Archipelago books fortnight. I will also review that in this fortnight I will then maybe tackle another of the thick books I have from them or it may be Kin by Miljenko jergovic which has been on my radar since it came out but I just haven’t order it yet ( not that yet I will get this book it is near the top of the books I want to get) I will let you know which big book I choose as it be great to chat about it or any of their books even ones I haven’t read there is lots I would like to read do you have a favourite books from there back list ?

There was a recent Moose and gripes podcast about the publisher here

Here is there Website which is very good and has lots about the books and also has different quotes daily



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