My IFFP prediction post 2015

Well its become a bit of a tradition to do a post every year predicting the longlist for the IFFP .Well I’m honoured that they choose a thursday , next thursday for #translationthurs – my weekly meme that has grown over the years .So what books do I think will make the longlist ? I’ve mix books I’ve read with those I haven’t yet got too , but feel have a good shout .So for world book day , the prize that maybe fully brings the world of books to the uk readers the IFFP

Bonita Avenue  by Peter Buwalda

A tale of a Dutch family just as the internet is taking of and a family member using the darkest corner of the internet .I have this from library to read .

Look who’s back by Timur Vermes

Look who's back

I loved this and especially the way Jamie seemed to capture Hitlers voice so well in English . The story of what happens when Adolf hitler returns to present day germany a wonderful satire

Never any end to paris by Enrique Vila Matas

Never any end to Paris

The writers young life in Paris as a novel what wasn’t to love in this one .

sworn virgin cover Elvira Donessworn virgins by Elvira Dones



A lifting of the age-old tradition of  women become men to take over before during and after . One those books that make you think does this really happen 

Bilbao – New York – Bilbao  by Kirmen Uribe




A book about a writer writing a book about the small fishing town he grew up in whilst on a plane to new york . One my favourites of last year 

Harraga by Boualem Sansal

Two generations of women trap in a house in Algeria .Showing how much more has to change despite the arab spring a great book from a brave writer .

The mirror of beauty by Shamsur Rahman Faruqi

the mirror of beauty

I reviewed this a couple years ago when I was kindly sent the indian release .But the uk release came out last year and it is a translation from Urdu by the writer himself .

The portrait by Willem Jan Otten


A painting of a dead boy tells its story a wonderfully unique book 

Dead lake by by Hamid Ismailov

the dead lake

A boy takes a swim in a lake in the soviet hinterland and never grows any more . As with every year Peirene could have more than one on the list .

Zone BY Mathias Enard


A new publisher and a great choice of this massive french novel about a train trip to rome  in a slightly different europe .

The tower by Uwe Tellkamp


A story of one family during the time of the former East Germany .Epic novel one of two that should be there .

Confessions by Jaume Cabre




Now I loved this when I read it but it got put to one side so will need a review and lets hope it was entered . the story of violence through time one man and an instrument epic catalan fiction .

Indigo by Clemens J setz


Childern dying of Indigo a teacher tries to find out the truth .An experimental novel from Austira .

In the end I went mainly with my favourites others I think my make actual list include the Quebert novel , Murakami ,Peterson , Nevo novels from last year all three have been on longlist before .Juan Marse is another book I read but didn’t review and he is considered Spain’s best writer of last 25 years .

What were your favourites last year ?





March 2015


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