Its not reinventing the circle hiatus nonsense !

I am one that tends to think in haste and write a post then sit and wonder if I did the right thing so I spent 36 hours away from the net as a test .What I had see in the video I mention  had  upset me , the other day because I have been guilty of all the things seen ion it at some point .But I spent 36 offline over last two days and hated it .The reason I spent 36 years without tech like my laptop was because I just didn’t know what they could bring to my life  which was a world of booklovers and discovering new books .What rather than avoiding all internet ,social media what I needed  is a new way of thinking and that is to use it less at times and more at other times as we work shifts ,I have a lot of time in our house alone which I don’t use to the best ability , usually reading a bit ,but actually I  mainly watch tv mysteries and Sherlock Holmes films (I brought the complete Rathbone collection and I would watch them every day if I could I love them that much even thou I could quite easily quote every film from start to finish ) .So I need to make more use of this time which I haven’t it has become dead time in my life when it could have been used more usefully than I have .Thus freeing time to spend with my darling wife .So I won’t be disappearing I will be here and I will be using my time very different to before and making use of time I haven’t .I will be back to books later today .Also I have a Pushkin press fortnight to run and the Independent foreign fiction prize starts in February ,what a daft time to disappear my favourite event of the year .

January 2014


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