2023 Plans Waugh ,clubs, backlist and just being me

I’ve been thinking about what to do reading-wise next year. I am not a planner as u might have gathered and I always view my reading as adrift on the sea of books but for me this last year I have read more but reviewed less I am on the verge of completing the 120 total I had set myself this year so I will add five on next year. But the main plan for next year firstly is to try and read through all of Evelyn Waugh’s novels I have most if not all of them I couldn’t find my Brideshead when I took this pic. So I am not setting an order or reading them in chronological order but more as I feel and have time. Then I want to read more from my TBR pile,  my huge backlist pile of books I am always buying but never quite getting to I love the backlist podcast and Simon and Karen club years and feel I have so many great lost books on my shelves that need to be put out there I often get to caught up in the riptide of new books don’t we all well its time to move that tiler of my reading boat.I am still toying with Vlogging a little bit. Hopefully, I will build up the nerve. Another idea I’m wanting to try and knock a few longer books off the shelf. As ever the focus will be translated literature with a few nature books chucked in for good measure.I just need to get back to regular reviewing that said so far this year is the 3rd most words I have written in a year the most words per post. I always find the turn of the year brings a spurt to my blogging its like the New Year is a gust of wind in my sail. So what are your plans for the next year where is it going to take you reading wise?

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  1. kaggsysbookishramblings
    Dec 09, 2022 @ 15:33:17

    Good plans Stu! I have read a little Waugh and enjoyed him, but have much more unread on the shelves. I think you’re right to following your reading moods and just pick up what you enjoy. Like you, I want to get to more of my TBR and I’m just as guilty of getting sidetracked by all the shiny new works which come out!!


  2. Jane
    Dec 09, 2022 @ 17:10:04

    I’m looking forward to your Waugh posts ( no pressure!). I’ve only read one but plan to read more. You’re right the new year is like a gust of wind in our blogging sails!


  3. Lisa Hill
    Dec 09, 2022 @ 21:20:56

    You’re getting quite poetic, Stu, with your maritime metaphors.
    I have no plans, I’m just going to plod on, doing whatever comes next and hoping that the world calms down a bit.


  4. Julé Cunningham
    Dec 10, 2022 @ 18:36:13

    ‘Riptide of new books’ is the perfect description of that feeling.


  5. kimbofo
    Dec 11, 2022 @ 03:58:09

    Sounds good, Stu. I don’t think I have ever read Waugh. I’m spending 2023 reading William Trevor with Cathy from 746 Books. And I’m also going to try to read more from my First Nations TBR. I have created quite a pile this past year but not really tackled any of them yet…


  6. Liz Dexter
    Dec 11, 2022 @ 12:35:58

    Good plans! I have decided not to do an author challenge next year (for the first time in a decade or so!) but work on my TBR and on keeping my NetGalley books read in the month they are published (I have pretty well managed that one this year). I do have one last Larry McMurtry left over from my challenge this year so if I don’t read that this month I will read it in January. That does only give me 11 more slots in the year but the McMurtrys this year were big and I did two Anne Tylers a month last year so it should give me a bit more than that.


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