A book to help with Mum’s passing

I read a piece last week by Scott Esposito called On books we read (and write) to get by . The piece was about Naja Marie Aidt on her  struggle to get by with the death of her son . She was given a number of books by her fellow writers one of those was Mourning Diary by Roland Barthes , which hit me as it followed his life a year in little sections after his own mothers death, I have just had a numb hole in my heart and mind for the last few months as I put my Mum’s passing to the back of my mind as I struggle to process all that I have lost.This arrived yesterday and I already read half of it as a shared journey . This may not be the total but maybe like Naja reading her books which lead to her own book as she puts it her (translated ) Grief is giant fucking monster that destroys everything  , she wrote a book about her son Carl and how she dealt with the loss  .I’m not talented enough maybe to write a book about mum but I want her to be remembered so I may write something even if she gets a mention in a review.Have you ever find solace in a book ?

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  1. kaggsysbookishramblings
    May 13, 2017 @ 19:24:11

    I’m glad you’ve found a book that can help you, Stu. I’ve often found hiding in books to be a useful coping mechanism.


  2. Lisa Hill
    May 14, 2017 @ 06:22:18

    Don’t ever say you aren’t smart enough, Stu. Ok, yes, you have trouble with spelling and grammar sometimes, but your thoughts and ideas and the way you write about books has made you an international phenomenon in the world of literary translation.
    But I think, put aside the goal of writing for publication, and just write about your mum and everything she meant to you. Write it for yourself. I did something similar with scrapbooking, where I used photos of my parents to make scrapbooks of my memories, and they are not just nice to have and to read, they were also helpful with the grieving process. I made a little movie of my dad too, just using the photos that I had and a simple movie-making program that comes with Windows, and I play it sometimes. Again, it’s not just nice to have, and maybe to share, but also it’s the process of choosing what to remember and to write about helps you decide what’s really important to you.


  3. Melissa Beck
    May 14, 2017 @ 14:50:54

    I hope this book helps, Stu. I also liked Max Porter’s Grief is a Thing with Feathers. Have you tried that one?


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