Winston’s books some new arrivals

I’ve had a few books arrive in recent days and it’s a good while since I shared pictures of new arrivals first too the two none translations
the man who walked away by Maud Casey
From Bloomsbury the story of Albert a man who wanders around Europe like a vagrant and gets run out of towns his past is revealed in snippets .I like walking and wandering myself so this sounds great .
so The path does not die by Pede Hollist
From Jacaranda books ,well I please Kelly who I have known via twitter has sent me this book I ve never read a book from Sierra Leone ,the writer was shortlisted for the Caine prize .The book is the story of Fina and her wanting to fit in by having a female circumcision like her friends but her father stops it and her life heads on a different path .
The portrait by Willem Jan Otten
from Sctibe A painter is given the job of painting a dead boy but who was the boy an intriguing book from a prize winning Dutch writer
Indigo by Clemens J. Setz
From serpents tail some children become infectious to adults so are sent away years later the teacher decides to find out what happened to them from a rising experimental writer in Germany
The sermon on the fall of Rome by Jérôme Ferrari I review his last book Where I left my soul this is meant to be better described as a Corsican 100 years solitude it won the Prix Goncourt

August 2014


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