German Lit Month

I wasn’t overly keen to join the german lit challenge that has been organized by Marcel of Lizzy’s  literary life and Caroline of beauty is a sleeping cat I read a lot of germanic literature as it is one of my favourite areas of translated fiction but I m notoriously bad a challenges but I ve pulled my socks up and got the planning head on as Worzel Gummidge would have said so here is what has been read ready and what is waiting to be read –



So here are books read for german lit month so far –

Homo Faber by Max Frisch – one mans life summed up whilst he is stuck in the desert .

Visitation – Jenny Erpenbeck – this was iffp shortlist was one I didn’t review at time have read since but not reviewed so will do next month a village told in fable like style .

Correction – Thomas Bernhard .Bernhard was the best post war german writer this is about a man building a  cone in a woods but about more than it seems !

The wall jumper – Peter Schneider Set in time of berlin wall a journalistic style book about people who tried to cross the wall .

Jarmilla -Ernst Weiss  Stefan Zweig’s best friend a love triangle in a rural town in bohemia in the 30’s

Maybe this time -Alois Hotsching tales of the unexpected ,weird going ons a very unusual short story collection .

not pictured but read

Nadirs – Herta Muller her debut collection ,family life and the horrors of communism

Robert Musil and Hans Fallada mini penguin classics from earlier this year .

To read 

Auto de fe by Elias Canetti – The story of Peter Kien from the Nobel winner he was Bulgarian but wrote in german

The case of sergeant Grischa by Arnold Zweig – Classic WW1 story with a anti-war message .quote on front caught my eye from J B Priestley “the greatest novel on a war theme … from any country ” sounds great .

The pigeon by Patrick Suskind – the reclusive german writer isn’t new to me but having just read perfume this tale partly inspired by the raven by Poe sounds like a great second book to read a man driven mad by a pigeon .

A perfect waiter by Alain Claude Sulzer I thought I d read a couple Swiss novels but looked at blog and hadn’t so picked this up set in mid 1930’s about a waiter in a hotel looked like a great choice .

Well that’s it so far I hope to get to library again this month for a few more so can try to get a couple more ready have some on my shelves to either reread or not read as well .

What are you reading for german lit month ?

Have you read any of these ?

April 2021


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