here we are and off the prince goes ,war and peace post 1

I miss calculate pages but just means last weeks of  reaalong .so what happen in the first 150 pages ,we meet the cast at some parties well that is how it felt there are lot people in this book to get to know ,this remind me of a tv show when you see the cast in the opening titles so you know who they are .Then Prince Andrei set off to were a tearful send off from his family his sister had a touching seen with him then his father gave him advice .The we see the troops (Hussar’s) depart ? I m hook so far ,little to many footnotes but the are helpful and I like the inclusion of the original french as Tolstoy wrote it in the russian version .


Don Quixote week 6 do two don’s make a right

Now the best section this weeks read is where Don Quixote is sat talking with Don Lorenzo .when he says he is a poet and starts reciting his poetry which is good but not wonderful but as ever our don Quixote is over the top he calls him the  consumptive poets
I ve started feeling sad this week our journey is nearly  3 weeks left .remember to join us on Wednesday on Twitter when there is a cook along of a traditional Spanish dish from the time me Don Quixote by Rachel of catalan cooking who teaches Spanish cooking in London and lived in Spain for 20 years .I will post recipe and photos for non Twitter users



Winston’s coffee and muffin

Well another week has gone its Sunday and another round us of news and books .
News –  the shortlist for German book prize was announced the 6 books show the diversity of German writing at moment a number of books from people who came to Germany from the conflicts in eastern Europe in the nineties .one book in particular Melinda Nadj Abonji tauben fliegen auf ,a book about being an outsider and the Yugoslavian war as a back drop .I hope this and the others make it in to english soon they look wonderful.

I ve signed up for a read along of midnight children on biblio junkie starting in Nov I read it many years ago and not to join one in summer but didn’t find my copy to the other day when I had a good look round after reading Jov post about the read along .I m really interested to see if the book has change in 20 years since I read it as an innocent teen also how the book has weathered .so if you want to join in sign up at JOV’S  BIBLIOJUNKIE SITE

There was a great piece on books on the nightstand as ever about how do you read sip I.E read bit at a time but all through the day or gulp I.E sit for a half hour or more and saviour the book .well I gulp myself tend to try and have three sessions a day of half hour or more reading a day .also the is a passionate review of the David Grossman book by Ann from the show .


well there a two from Dalkey Archive that I ve my eye on the first is –

Best european fiction 2011 – i m still reading the 2010 one but this is meant to be bigger and have more countries and better quality writing as they had more to choose from this year a last year is Edited by Aleksandar Hemon .

The second is three book series they have released to tie in with Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia being world book city this year ,these 3 book all seem good but the holocaust one necropolis ,which has a good synopsis on the dalkey page

great new project

I received a e-mail from James Alsono the other day from the polyglot project a new venture initially with classic books where you can try to read in the original language and then use their tools to translate words you aren’t very sure of .This includes don Quixote ,which is how james found me now I know Richard is read along in spanish with us so this may help if you want to see how the orignal was written and help improve your spanish there is also works in german english and french to work on .

Don Quioxte -week 1 sonnets ,books ,riding ,a inn and a large farm

So we ‘re under way and the journey begins  the first 92 pages cover a lot of ground a brief intro ,some wonderful sonnets about the hero and knights in general ,then we finally meet Don his book laden house book about knights .Then he sets forth and rides and ends up at an inn .Wants to be made a knight by the innkeeper ,who refuses but relents in the end ,back home people worried but to no avail he enlists his neighbour sancho Panza a farmer to be his squire .the meet some people already on the road to the adventures .

Well so far ,so good we got a feel of Don Quixote a sort of 16th century billy liar ,the book reads as thou it was written yesterday ,the footnotes enlighten the text so much ,and things like explaining the meaning of blanco is dual so both used in translation .The mean of Panza is belly or paunch thus leading to the image in my mind .

Also Rachel of catalan cooking is hopefully going to give us some great recipes from spain at the time of Don Quixote




Don Quixote readalong ?



I was wondering if any one would like to join a read along of Don Quixote the new Edith Grossman translation .It is one of those books you think you should have read like my self but haven’t got round to it ,This may be your chance ,this new translation has freshened the text and has gained praise from both Harold Bloom and Carlos Fuentes .the book is published in the U.K by Vintage Classic and in the U.S.A by  Harper Perennial ,both editions appear to be the same length at 992 pages ,if there is interest i ll work out a timetable and plan to start late summer . 



Don Quixote-UK EDITION

August 2021


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