Roll up Roll up and chat books at book talk

The scottish version of Booktrust Scottish booktrust has a new reading club on line called  book talk that will be reviewing a new book every month ,There site is also worth visiting for the numerous blog posts ,links and children book piece ( for my many nephews and nieces ,I need to know what the kids find cool) so roll up and take a look as book talk went live today .So please go have a look and support them as they do a lot for Childrens literacy .

Winstons coffee and Muffins

So as I said with Winston’s covers as this week’s chaos descended in the UK,every night watchingthe news and seeing  the youth of this country go on the rampage I turned to a book first Dart by Alice Oswald and then after reading about a river ,I wanted to read a book about being on a river  and grab my vintage classic copy of Jerome K Jerome’s Three men in a boat ,so I read about a peaceful english life of drift don the Thames on a boat with two  friends and a slightly mad dog (sure Winston would love to go on a boat ,saying that he loves the water ).A different world of simple joys ,the book is very pretty as well as it has illustrations by the british comedian Vic Reeves.

I found this an escape from our current situation .So this is the question

what do you do in times of trouble ?

have you a place in books you feel safe ?



What is Gordon Brown or David Cameron reading ?

the new pm ?

Yann Martell the Canadian writer for the last 3 years has been sending the Canadian pm on a fortnightly basis a book accompanied by a letter about what Yann feels this book means and what values it has .the website is called what is Stephen harper reading . I feel this is a wonderful idea the first book was leo Tolstoy the death  of Ivan Ilych ,other have been Orwell, Hemingway and Alan Bennett .on the website there is a space for any replies from Stephen harper .As we re in an election year I hope some one may try to do the same thing for our pm whoever wins in the next few months . 

do you think this is a good idea ? 

yann martell

March 2023


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