National dog day some books with dogs .


Well as you all know dogs and books are connected here on this blog .I debated whether to do a post today , but as much as I miss Winston I love dogs and had reviewed last year a great book about one man and his dog .John and George the dog follows the story of John Dolan a homeless man , whose path crosses with George the dog , whom he starts sketching the dog and selling his sketches leading to a way out of the streets as an Artist .Here is my review .


The Guardian has a list of ten dog stories today as well .There is two great dog books missing Niki the story of a dog by Tibor Dery The story of a dog in post war Hungary , I have read this a couple of years ago but never reviewed it .Niki and the other book I will mention are both from NYRB the other book is MY dog Tulip the story of Critic JR Ackerley and his mad dog Tulip a larger than life german Shepard . I love this book but also this book has a had a great film made of it .

As for me I am taking a break for a year or two from Dog ownership after twenty years or so off owning my first two dog . But the important part of today is to remember there is so many rescue dogs out there both my dogs I got via rescue dog centres as puppies .

What is your favourite dog books ?

June 2021


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