Is there Elitism at work in book blogging ?

I am a working class  man school educated ,that loves reading maybe without the best grammer in the world ,but a sackful of passion .I have the feel that this means my blog is oft over look ,and may even be a joke to some people ,but here is the rub I love my blog and books ok I m never ever gonna  be as well read or written as some of you ,but I feel my words need to be heard and hell waterstones don’t ask what your level of learn is books are free to all  .sorry need to get it of my chest I find some bloggers attitudes terrible .Don’t ask I m not gonna say .

THE THINGS I do wrong

THERE is a list of ten things a blogger shouldn’t do well I ve been guilty of most of them ,only one is not copy another blog this is my own blog and I love being different ,I know reading obscure books isn’t going bring me huge blog numbers and I ve come to accept that ,I try and comment on other peoples blogs as much as time allows and now leave meaningful comments most of time ,I also need to stop worrying this is fun and most of the time is I ve meet some great blogger via blogging and to me that is the most important bit the books don’t matter I want know the people behind the books and hope people want know me .this is my reply to word lilly 10 things a blog shouldn’t do

August 2021


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