uk book blogger conference ?

bloggers ? maybe?

A conversation earlier inspired by Amy reads visit to the US book blogger conference ,lead to some laments that us uk blogger appear not to have such a wonderful event with panels and chance to flesh out so to speak who we are ,now I m not volunteering myself to organise this but would help if people are interested ,If some one has experience in organizing events for people or companies would be great ,any ideas welcome also borrowing post for your blog get people interested in it also where and time of year ,this is post get interest up and hopefully start a ball rolling to lead to bigger things ,all the best stu . 

  • i know some publishers have blogger meet ups ,so why can’t us bloggers

the result -one at a time or loads on the go

know i now

Well i ve been tried a number of different ways to read recently ,i tried jumping from book to book spend a little time with each in the end ,I found a solution that seems to suits me .Thats reading one main book all day ,at night i m reading what i would call a light read in last week or more a persephone  in bed ,and inbetween books sneaking a few short stories from the best European fiction 2010 which i have got to work through as new 2011 edition due later this year .Which seems to work best for me .Many thanks for all the feedback of your reading habits .I suppose its a bit of both .

one at a time or loads on the go -the art of reading ?

A question to everyone do you read one book at once or have a number on the go at once ? I ve always tended to read one book at once ,sometimes will leave a book to one side and read another mid book ,but i know some people tend to have a few book on the go at once ,i was wondering why and does this mean you read more ? .I ve been reading more this than last but wondered if there was a way to squeeze a few more books in by have more than one on the go ,i d try it .what works best for you ?

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