Books reviewed 2019

  1. My name is Adam by Elias Khoury
  2. The wicked go to hell by Frédéric Dard
  3. Among the lost by Emiliano Monge
  4. The sound of waves by Yukio Mishima
  5. Katalin Street by Magda Szabo
  6. The last summer by Boris Pasternak
  7. Sometimes I lie and sometimes I don’t by Nadja Spiegel
  8. Soviet milk by Nora Ikstena
  9. A long night in Paris by Dov Alfon
  10. The spirits of the earth by Catherin Colomb
  11. Agnomia by Robert Gal
  12. Resistance by Julian Fuks
  13. Any means necessary by Jenny Rogneby
  14. Now, Now, Louison by Jean Fremon
  15. The capital by Robert Menasse
  16. The pianoplayers by Anthony Burgess
  17. Trout, belly up by Rodrigo Fuentes
  18. Small Country by Gael Faye
  19. Aviaries by Zuzana Brabcova
  20. Nocilla Lab by Agustin Fernandez Mallo
  21. Mama’s boy by David Goudreault
  22. Mouthful of birds by Samanta schweblin
  23. At dusk by Hwang Sok-yong
  24. Four soldiers by Hubert Mingarelli
  25. The death of Murat Idrissi by Tommy Wieringa
  26. The Pine Island by Marion Poschmann
  27. The faculty of Dreams by Sara Stridsberg
  28. The years by Annie Ernaux
  29. The storyteller by Pierre Jarawan
  30. Celestial bodies by Jokha Alharthi
  31. All Happy Families by Herve Le Tellier
  32. Lord of all the dead by Javier Cercas
  33. Garden , Ashes by Danilo Kis
  34. singer in the night by Olja Savicevic
  35. Redemption by Friedrich Gorenstein
  36. Termin by Henrik Nor-Hansen
May 2019
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