Books reviewed 2016

  1. You have to love me by Jaap Robben Netherlands
  2. The decision by Britta Bobler
  3. Langrishe, go down by Adian Higgins
  4. The prophets of Eternal Fjord by Kim Leine
  5. The Prone gunman  by Jean-Patrick Manchette
  6. The Meursault Investigation by kamel Daoud
  7. The boy who stole Attila’s horse by Ivan Repila
  8. Conducting bodies by Claude Simon
  9. Submission by Michel Houellebecq
  10. Slow Homecoming by Peter Handke
  11. Mend the living by Maylis De Kerangal
  12. The great swindle by Pierre Lemaitre
  13. White hunger by Aki Ollikainen
  14. The dirty dust by Mairtin o Cadhain
  15. Numero Zero by Umberto Eco
  16. Hah by Birgul Oguz
  17. Signs preceding the end of the world by Yuri Herrera
  18. The man I became by Peter verhelst
  19. A cup of rage by Raduan Nassar
  20. A whole life by Robert Seethaler
  21. A general theory of oblivion by Jose Eduardo Agualusa
  22. The four books by Yan Lianke
  23. Ladivine by Marie Ndaiye
  24. The story of lost child by Elena Ferrante
  25. Man tiger by Eka Kurniawan
  26. Too close to the edge by Pascal Garnier
  27. Fever at Dawn by Peter Gardos
  28. Sudden Death by Alvaro enrique
  29. Globetrotter by David Albahari
  30. The little communist who never smiled by Lola Lafon
  31. Moonstone by Sjon
  32. Byron and the Beauty by Muharem Bazdulj
  33. Football by Jean- Phillippe Toussaint
  34. Aliss at the fire by Jon Fosse
  35. The sky over Lima by Juan Gomez Barcena
  36. One million cows by Manuel Rivas
  37. Lone man by Bernardo Atxaga
  38. Affections by Rodrigo Hasbu
  39. The body where I was born by Guadalupe Nettel
  40. The winterlings by Christine Sanhcez -andrade
  41. Gnedich by Maria Rybakova
  42. An episode in the life of a landscape painter by Cesar Aira
  43. Life begins on Friday by Ioana parvelescu
  44. On the edge by Rafeal Chirbes
  45. Abahn Sabana and David by Marguerite Duras
  46. her fathers daughter by Marie Sizun
  47. Wakolda by Lucia Puenzo
  48. A tempoary Sojourn and other stories by Nasreen Jahen
  49. Constellation by Adrien Bosc
  50. Moscow in the 1930s by Natalia Gromova
  51. French Rhapsody by Antoine Laurain
  52. Knowledge of Hell by Antonio Lobo Antunes
  53. THe Eskimo Solution by Pascal Garnier
  54. The swordfsh by Hugo Claus
  55. the street kids by Pier paolo Passolini
  56. The tale of Aypi by W K Welespar
  57. Two green otters by Buket Uzuner
  58. Trysting by Emmanuelle Pagano
  59. A little lumpen novelita by Roberto Bolano
  60. The emigrants by W G Sebald
  61. Women as lovers by Elfriede Jelinek
  62. Wittgenstein’s nephew by Thomas Bernhard
  63. The empress and the cake by Linda stift
  64. The tobacconist by robert seethaler
  65. Book of my mother by Albert Cohen
  66. Land of my father by Vamba Sherif
  67. From Germany to Germany diary 1990 by Gunter Grass
  68. Revulsion Thomas Bernhard in San Salvador by Horacio Castellanos Moya
  69. None like her by Jela Krečič 
  70. Panorama by Dušan Šarotar
  71. Three loves , one death by Evald Flisar
  72. The boy by Wytske Versteeg
July 2022


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