A record of the books I have read in 2014

  1. the art and craft of approaching your head of department to submit a request for a raise by Georges Perec france
  2. The confusion of young Törless by Robert Musil Austria
  3. Naomi by Jun’ichirō Tanizaki Japan
  4. Pietr the Latvian by Georges Simenon Belgian
  5. Miruna ,a tale by  Bogdan Suceavă Romanian
  6. The restaurant of love regained by Ito Ogawa Japan
  7. Zenith Hotel by Oscar Coop – Phane france (review in march )
  8. The people in the photo by Helene Gestern (review in feb)
  9. The lonely hearts club by Raul Nunez argentina
  10. The last day of a condemned man by Victor Hugo France
  11. Botchan by Natsume Soseki Japan
  12. the space between us by Zoya Pipzad Iran
  13. The infatuations  by Javier Marias spain
  14. The castle of whispers by Carole Martinez France
  15. The front seat passenger by Pascal Garnier france
  16. Crumbs by Miha Mazzini  Slovenia
  17. Polychrome by Joanna Jodełka poland
  18. Oliver VII by Antal Szarb
  19. Every promise by Andrea Bajani Italy
  20. Journey into the past by Stefan Zweig austria
  21. the break by Pietro Grossi  Italy
  22. Amok and other stories by Stefan Zweig Austria
  23. Death in Pont-Aven by Jean-Luc Bannalec Germany
  24. The late Monsieur Gallet by Georges Simenon Belgium
  25. A french novel by Frederic Beigbeder france
  26. Pigs foot by Carlos Acosta Cuba
  27. Dead star by Alavro Bisama Chile
  28. Irene by Pierre Lemaitre France
  29. Nagasaki by Eric Faye France
  30. talking to ourselves by Andres Neuman Argentina
  31. Heaven and hell by Jon Kalman stefansson Iceland
  32. The fencer / L’escrimeur by Ayala R
  33. The dark road by Ma Jian China
  34. Butterflies in November by Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir Iceland
  35. Look who’s back by Timur Vermes German
  36. The corpse washer by Sinan Antoon Iraq
  37. The sorrow of angels by Jon Kalman Steffansson Iceland
  38. Never any end to Paris by Enrique Vila-Matas spain
  39. A women’s story by Annie Ernaux France
  40. Exposure by Sayed Kashua Israeli
  41. The hanged man of Saint-Pholien by Georges Simenon Belgium
  42. The Iraqi Christ by Hassan Blasim Iraq
  43. Back to Back by Julie Franck Germany
  44. Diary of the fall by Michel Laub Brazil
  45. Liveforever by Andres Caicedo Columbia
  46. Charlie Chaplins last dance by Fabio Stassi Italy
  47. Chewing gum by Mansour Bushnaf Libya
  48. Near to the wild heart by Clarice lispector Brazil
  49. The carter of la provvidence by Georges Simenon Belgium
  50. Compartment no.6 by Rosa Liksom Finland
  51. Sworn virgins by Elvira Dones Albania
  52. under the channel by Gilles Petel french
  53. The truth about the Harry Quebert Affair by Joel dicker swiss
  54. Boyhood island by Karl Ove Knausgaard Norway
  55. Dead Lake by Hamid Ismailov Uzbekistan
  56. Blood drenched beard by Daniel Galera Brazil
  57. mission London by Alek Popov Bulgaria
  58. The blue room by Hanne Ørstavik Norway
  59. Judges a trio of stories by Italian writers  Italy
  60. Leaf storm by Gabriel Garcia Marquez  Columbia
  61. The art of Killing well by Marco Malvaldi Italy
  62. The insufferable Gaucho by Robert Bolano Chile
  63. The hungry Ghosts by Shyma Selvadurai Sri Lanka
  64. Meatspace by Nikesh Shikla
  65. chronicle of a death foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Columbia
  66. Lizard tails by Juan Marse Spain
  67. The family of Pascaul Duarte by Camilo Jose Cela Spain
  68. John and George by John Dolan English
  69. The eagles throne by Carlos Fuentes Mexico
  70. The Mahe Circle by Georges Simenon Belgium
  71. The ingenious gentleman and poet Federico Garcia Lorca ascends to hell by Carlos Rojas Spain
  72. The poisoning angel by Jean Teule French
  73. Outlaws by Javier Cercas
  74. The caligraphy of dreams by Juan Marse Spain
  75. Artic summer by Damon Galgut South Africa
  76. The extraordinary journey of fakir who got trapped in Ikea wardrobe by Roman Puertolas France
  77. In search of Klingsor by Jorge Volpi mexico
  78. The story of a ship wrecked sailor by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Columbia
  79. The book of Gaza – various writers Palenstine
  80. The legs of Izolda Morgan by Bruno Jasienski Poland
  81. Twilight of eastern gods by Ismail Kadare  Albania
  82. Bilbao – New York -Bilbao by Kirmen Uribe spain
  83. Zone by Mathias Enard French
  84. Memory theatre by Simon Critchley English
  85. A notebook by Agota Kristoff Hungary
  86. Escape by Dominique Manotti French
  87. The colour of dawn by Yanick Lahens Haiti
  88. Manja by Anna Gmeyner Austria
  89. Someday we’ll tell each other everything by Daniela Krien German
  90. Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami Jpan
  91. Fire in the blood by Irene Nemirovsky France
  92. The appointment by Herta Muller Germany
  93. Solar Plexus by Rustam Ibragimbekov Azerbaijan
  94. The portrait by Willem Jan Otten Netherlands
  95. The sermon on the fall of Rome by Jerome Ferrari France
  96. Forever yours by Daniel Glattauer German
  97. A mind at peace by Ahmet Hamdi Tannipar Turkey
  98. Vatican cellars by Andre Gide France
  99. Indigo by Clemens J Setz Austrian
  100. The glory of life by Michael Kumpfmuller German
  101. Parfums by Philippe Claudel Belgian
  102. 18% Gray by Zachary Karabashliev Bulgaria
  103. By night the mountains burns by Juan Tomas Avila Laurel Equatorial Guinea
  104. Uppsala woods by Alvaro Colomer spain
  105. Fear and trembling by Amelie Nothomb Belgium
  106. The safety net by Heinrich Boll German
  107. Portrait of a man by Georges Perec France
  108. Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo Mexico
  109. Confessions by jaume Cabre Spain
  110. This should be in the present tense by Helle helle Denmark
  111. The search warrant by Patrick modiano France
  112. Uncertain Glory by Joan Sales Catalan
  113. All quiet on the western front by Erich Maria Remarque German
  114. Harraga  by Boualem Sansal Algeria
  115. Nowhere people by Paulo Scott Brazil
  116. Iza’s Ballad by Magda Szabo Hungary
  117. The radiance of the King by Camara Laye Guinea
  118. The things we don’t do by Andres Neuman Argentina
  119. A price to pay by Alex Capus Switzerland
  120. The whales in Lake Tanganyika by Lennart hagerfors Sweden
  121. The false Apocalypse by Fatos Lubonja Albania
  122. The neruda case by Roberto Ampuero Chile
  123. Raw material by Jorg fauser Germany
  124. Chef by Martin Suter Swizerland
  125. Barbarian spring by Jonas Luscher Switzerland
  126. The tower by Uwe Tellkamp Germany
  127. the legend of the holy drinker by Joesph Roth  Austria
  128. Pavane for a dead pincess by Park Min-Gyu Korea
  129. Beside the sea by Veronique Olmi France
  130. Stones in a landslide by Maria Barbal Catalan
  131. The tango singer by Tomas Eloy martinez Argentina
  132. The black sign by Lars Morch Finbourd Norway
  133. Noontide toll by Romesh Gunesekera Sri Lanka
  134. Letters to posiden by Cees Nooteboom Holland
  135. A god in every stone by Kamila Shamsie Pakistan
  136. The wandering pine by Per olov Enquist Sweden
  137. Arab Jazz by Karim miske france
  138. Potrait of the mother as a young women by Freidrich Christian Delius German
  139. The crying of lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon US
  140. Our Musseque by Jose uandino Viera Angola

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