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Three days by Thomas Bernhard


  Three days by Thomas Bernhard Austrian Memoir Original title – Drei Tage Translator – Laura Lindgren Source – personal copy I featured another Austrian writer the other day, I mentioned Thomas Bernhard. I said he was my favourite Austrian writer. I have reviewed six of his books over the time this blog has been […]

Revulsion : Thomas Bernhard in San Salvador by Horacio Castellanos Moya


    Revulsion : Thomas Bernhard in San Salvador by Horacio Castellanos Moya El Salvadoran fiction Original title – El asco, Thomas Bernhard en San Salvador Translator – Lee Klein Source – personnel copy Now I saw this shortly after it came out in the summer, I was searching for some Bernhard books and this from […]

Wittgenstein’s Nephew by Thomas Bernhard


      Wittgenstein’s nephew by Thomas Bernhard Austrian fiction Original title – Wittgensteins Neffe Translator – David Mclintock Source – Personal copy Well if the last book was from a Nobel winning Austrian writer , this is from the Austrian writer that didn’t win the nobel . As many of you know I always have […]

What book in translation would I give away ? Thomas Bernhard welcome to second Thomas bernhard reading week in July


Well I’ve been struggling finding time to blog or even get in a routine for my blogging of late .But I feel a project and a goal of trying to get my revie pile in order or less by then ,will help this and what better than on World book day to launch a second […]

The Loser by Thomas Bernhard


The Loser by Thomas Bernhard Austrian fiction Original title – Der Untergeher Translator – Jack Dawson Source – personnel copy on Kindle Well I couldn’t take part in German Lit month and not review  a book by Thomas Bernhard could I ? I had read this for Thomas Bernhard week I did earlier this year but […]

My prizes an accounting by Thomas Bernhard


My Prizes an accounting by Thomas Bernhard Austrian non fiction Original title Meine Presie Translator Carol Brown Janeway Source personnel copy Well I am running late these days I was meant to have posted this last week but I’ve had a lot on at home and not been able to thinking to write posts .But […]

Thomas Bernhard in Person

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Well in the run up to Thomas Bernhard week I decide to watch a couple of things on You tube .I always love to place and see the writer as a person .So with my basic schoolboy German I watch these .First is a documentary with Bernhard talking about why he writes . The next […]

Old Masters by Thomas Bernhard


Old Masters by Thomas Bernhard Austrian fiction Original title – Alte Meister. Komödie Translator – Ewald Osers Source – Personnel copy Well usually I start with a bit of a biography  about a writer .But I have already twice before mention Bernhard’s Life for those who want to know more  there is loads online to examine […]

Andrej Nikoladis on Thomas Bernhard


Author on Author Montenegrin author, Andrej Nikolaidis, talks of his love for the Austrian writer, Thomas Bernhard. The first book by Thomas Bernhard that I ever read was “Der Untergeher” – ‘The Loser’. That was in the early nineties, when war was raging across what was once Yugoslavia, and very soon after the forced migration […]

Thomas Bernhard Reading Week July 1-7


Well I ve been in a lull post IFFP I love projects so the fact his books have recently been reissued Faber finds means they are readily available to us all .I’ve old masters on my tbr pile and will be adding a couple to my kindle .Thomas Bernhard is a writers writer ,his books […]

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