That was the book that was March

Well, I hit a new low with a single review this month of Whale, which is one of the books on the Booker international longlist. I had meant to get more reviewed, but with packing and getting rid of many books for the move, I just haven’t felt like blogging until today. The chaos of the move is slowly going we moved in and slowly getting sorted. My book is half unpacked as I need to get a bracket to hold my shelves to the wall. I hope to get that sorted early next week then I’m getting a desk for my new library which is something I’m so excited to get. I’m tall, so I’m getting a sitting-standing desk and a monitor set up similar to the one at work well work is raised to suit my height. Anyway, I hope to have that all by the middle of the month and for the first time have a proper base to write the blog. I can’t really pick a book of the month as I only read one. Anyway, with the move I change broadband and tv provider and a bonus as part of the tv package in the new house was a basic subscription to Netflix so last night Amanda and I sat and watched the first two episodes of Gullermo Del Toro tv series Cabinet of curiosities a collection of horror stories a sort modern spin of the twilight zone, that I had been wanting to watch since I saw it was out but hadn’t felt it worth getting back on Netflix. I also read the most pages I had for over a month when I had managed to read 130 pages of the Clemens Meyer book While we were dreaming a fast-paced story of a group of boys adjusting and getting used to the fall of the  Berlin wall and the huge changes that will bring to there lives and the world they are living in this is a group of working-class boys rather like the writer himself in fact you can see how this slips in with the other books I have read by Meyer. Any way a smaller post I hope to be back with a review on Monday

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  1. kaggsysbookishramblings
    Apr 01, 2023 @ 18:32:27

    Glad you’re safely moved in, Stu – I think you can be excused for not reading so much this month!! 😀


  2. Lisa Hill
    Apr 01, 2023 @ 22:42:13

    Congratulations to you and Amanda for achieving this wonderful milestone in your lives!
    Don’t worry about the blog, Stu, moving house can be very stressful and we will all be here when things are back to normal.
    My mother (who shepherded our family through multiple moves around the world) always used to say that you know the new place is home when you can find the light switches in the dark!


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