Solo Booker international but I’d welcome some company

I am due to move House at the end of March. I have opted to go solo on this year’s Man Booker International, thus not being pressured to read for the shadow jury. So if I haven’t time to get them to read before the prize is won, I can do my own winner. I will be doing a guessing post, but these days, I feel Iam not at the crest of the wave with books in translation like I was maybe ten years ago. But life in recent years has crept in, and also maybe I am less after the new than I once was. I have spoken to another blogger about doing something on a superficial level around the booker longlist or shortlist. in fact, if any old shadows like to do something like split the longlist or shortlist get in contact or anyone that is interested in something. So after a slow trip and reading a few of the books, let me know if we can do something. I may also vlog some of this years content I have a set-up that I brought last year to start vlogging, and I may do a post around this prize. I’m after a nice read of the longlist and chat around the books nothing more this year if it appeals let me know. I shall do my guessing post in a few weeks and a reaction post to the longlist.

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  1. MarinaSofia
    Feb 12, 2023 @ 14:25:41

    That sounds like a good plan, taking the pressure off yourself! Good luck with the house purchase and move!


  2. Lisa Hill
    Feb 12, 2023 @ 22:17:41

    I’m happy to do something, Stu. I don’t want the pressure of the longlist or a deadline either, but if you want to suggest something for me to read, I’m happy to do it. As long as it’s not Knausgaard!


  3. jennifer prior
    Feb 15, 2023 @ 23:49:52

    Hi Stu, I have just discovered you via your guest appearance with Shawn the Book Maniac. I really liked it and will be reading the Mexican book you talked about. Sounds like you are very busy with moving and am hoping that you don’t totally disappear just as I am getting to know you and your varied and very interesting book reviews. All the best, Jennifer in Canada


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