Winstonsdads Dozen of 2023

  1. A tomb of sand by Geetanjali Shree
  2. Canzone Di Guerra by Dasa Drndic
  3. Necropolis by Boris Pahor
  4. The book of Mother by Violaine Husiman
  5. Among the Almond trees by Hussein Barghouthi
  6. Goshawk Summer by James Aldred
  7. Thread ripper by Amalie Smith
  8. The critical case of a man called K BY Aziz Mohamed
  9. Something Strange like Hunger by Malika Mostadraf
  10. Pyre by Perumal Murgan
  11. school for girls by Arianne Lessard
  12. Dead Lands by Nuria Bendicho

Here is my dozen books I have picked books I reviewed on the blog I managed to read 122 books well that is as I write this on the 29th.My books of the year start in India with the Man booker international winner about an older woman getting over her husband’s passing and suddenly aspiring in her life all that wonderful use of language that had been brought Wonderfull to life into English. Then we are in the Balkans and Canada as we see how we cope with being an immigrant and trying to keep alive our own identity and heritage this book goes back to the war and has so much more by the late Dasa a writer that should be better known. Then we are still in the Balkans and Pahors account of his life in the concentration camps as he helped a doctor and saw the horrors a testament to surviving the horrors of the camps, Then a daughter tells of her chaotic childhood with her mother that had mental health issues as some that have struggled this year with stress and my mental health books around mental health are important. Then a man returns home to Palenstine and his past and present mixes as he wanders his childhood haunts as he faces death a powerful book. Then I read lots of nature books but Goshawk summer was the best as it captured that moment when the lockdown was there and nature crept back as the world felt silent and the world slowed for a short time. Then a gem of a book that has interlink stories thread ripper is one of those books that has a loose theme of computers women and computers and tapestry it is just a book that lingers long after you have finished the book. Then we meet a man undergoing Cancer treatment in Saudi Arabia this book nods to Kafka as our lead character gets lost in the world of medicine and what his family expects. Then we have the stories of a feminist Moroccan writer that died too soon this collection captures Morocco at the time from the female point of view but also what it was like living there from a woman chatting on the internet to being on a bus. Then we shoot in India and a story about castes set in a village as a son brings a wife back from the wrong cast what will happen especially when he has to go back to the city where they first meet.It is that class of cultures a son returns after seeing the city and its world back to the small minds of the village. Then a chorus of girls from a school in the middle of the country tell their tale and that of their teachers this is a creepy collection of voices. Then lastly is my book of the year Dead lands the story of a son that has been killed and shot in the back in his small Catalan village. The book takes the form of 13 stories from family members and those involved with the death of a priest to a carer, later on, caring for one of his siblings this is a Faulkneresque style but has a strong voice that captures that world of a small village and the secrets that lie under neither.So that is my dozen for this year. I will be back in the new year.

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  1. Lisa Hill
    Dec 30, 2022 @ 01:01:40

    Congratulations on another great year of reading, Stu!
    I’ve only read Tomb of Sand, but I agree about Dasa Drndic and I hope her star continues to shine bright among the treasures of translated literature.
    All the best to you and Amanda for the New Year!


  2. roughghosts
    Dec 30, 2022 @ 03:04:45

    Great list, Stu. I am still narrowing my own down for the year—always a challenge! Best wishes for the new year.


  3. kaggsysbookishramblings
    Dec 30, 2022 @ 16:15:12

    You’ve read some great books this year, Stu – very impressive. Also your ability to choose favourites and make a list, which I can never do. Happy new year!!


  4. 1streading
    Jan 02, 2023 @ 10:08:48

    I haven’t actually read many of these, though I love Dasa Drndic. Looking forward to you and Tony fighting it out over The Book of Mother which he included as one of his worst!


  5. Liz Dexter
    Jan 03, 2023 @ 09:56:07

    An excellent selection, and I wish you happy reading for 2023.


  6. Bellezza
    Jan 03, 2023 @ 23:05:58

    I didn’t feel the same affinity for Tomb of Sand as most of my fellow jurors, but that experience is always a highlight of my reading year. Looking forward to doing it again with you, as I hope you will!


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