That was the month that was October 2022

  1. Discipline is destiny by Ryan Holiday
  2. Some prefer Nettles by Junchirō Tanizaki
  3. A High wind in Jamaica by Richard Hughes 
  4. Walking in Berlin by Franz Hessel

I decided to have a good break from the blog by coming back to work after all the time I had off with stress and anxiety this year.  I was on a return to work with shorter shifts but there is a few other things at work that was on my mind so I just wasn’t going to be focused enough to blog I felt. It was good timing as  I happened to have covid as well after two years of avoiding it firstly Amanda test positive and I was still negative so I went to get food Amanda’s meds and other bits and luckily went to get a shop in when I got home that day I felt off it even thou I had tested negative in the morning I was now positive and had a few days I felt rough then a couple more days before I was testing negative again. Anyway, I had just reviewed four books. I started with the master of Stoicism’s latest book about TEMPERANCE a  subject that he lit up with his great examples.Then I reared my three books for the 1929 club firstly in Japan a couple struggles with the fact they really need to divorce. Then a set of children are taken by Pirates and go rouge whilst with the pirates. Then a man walks around Berlin. I also add the number of books read this month. I feel ready to get back to blog and now have my monthly blog planner book.

Book of the month

Wel,l it is a hard one but I choose the Hessel it is just such an engrossing walk around a place and city that has changed so many times since he wrote the book and made me want to visit Berlin. Be my own flaneur in the city.In fact, it will make me look afresh next time I’m in a city or bigger town.(Chesterfield I just know to well, sad our town isn’t so vibrant these days but we have a Waterstones, a record shop (2 one new one second hand ) the weekly flea market and a few great shops around the town here and there. Also The Library which is one of the best for a town this size I think.

Non-book events

We watched the series Becoming you on Apple TV which followed kids around the world in the first 5 years of life. it was amazing how kids grow up in so many different ways around the world. Japanese kid on his first errand a tradition was scary a three year wandering the streets but he was a changed kid after it amazing. Kids in Borneo use machetes to cut fish swimming in the sea an amazing show that shows how different parents are around the world. We also listen to the lifeline drama on radio four (bcc sounds) we missed it earlier this year we have listened to this drama based in an ambulance call centre for the last few years we love to sit and listen to this sort of short drama and podcast the BBC does so we have our evening meal at the table listen to these dramas and discuss our day.

The month ahead

I have two great books from Istros books I am partway through both. I have a pile of books I read this month and didn’t review and also it is German lit month which I will focus on the end of November OI have one book read and hope to get a couple more books to read not sure what yet will make the cut I have a few in mind for this year German book month.


October 2022


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