Japanese New Year oshôgatsu (お正月).

Well I managed to finish early today so have read a bit mainly focused on books for January in Japan. I have a book read already a crime novel with a dark twist but it isn’t out to the middle of the month. So I recently picked up in Verso sale a copy of terminal Bporedom seven stories by the Late Female writer Izumi Suzuki a writer until now unknown in English she was one of the first waves of sci-fi writers that wrote in a style that wasn’t a nod to American sci-fi works, It dealt with Gender, society and the dying embers of Imperialism with a dystopic I, I am one story in and loving the style other writing.  Another gem from Verso they seem to keep turning up these writers that need wider attention. But then  I have also fancy to add to the books By Murakami, I have blogged on five books by him on the blog. I had thought I reviewed more but I had read most of them years ago pre-blog  days. So when I was watching a vlog by Books and Bao I was reminded of my love for the book, I’ve recently started watching a few vlogs where they had mentioned the book What I talk about when I talk about when I talk about running and How much they had enjoyed it and it reminded I loved this book myself when I read to and hadn’t reviewed it so I found my copy and am now reading it, the book is a memoir mainly focused around his enjoyment of running and how he got into it. It is maybe the easiest book by him to read but then isn’t like any other book by him so maybe not the best place to start. How has your New Year started? Mine is off to a good start with these two opposites one of the best known and one of the newest writers to reach us in English from Japan.

January 2022


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