30 covers for #WITMONTH A dane whose personal book touched me




















I have had this a while but earlier this year I reviewed a more personal book from this Danish writer Carls book or its English tile When death takes something fro you give it back a work dealing with the loss of her son at an all to young age I read this and as we have been dealing with the grief of losing my brother in law since last November where he took his own life for me I love that more personal book but this is a novel about a son discovering his father legacy after his death. My review of the book mentioned is her 

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  1. TravellinPenguin
    Aug 09, 2019 @ 22:41:02

    I somehow missed the review of this book so just went to the link to read it. I knew your mum died. About the same time as mine. Such a sad time in anyone’s life. I am very sorry to hear of your brother in law. You have really been hit by it all. Hope time gives you comfort and of course I understand how comforting our beloved books are. Take care of yourselves. 🤠🐧


  2. Lisa Hill
    Aug 10, 2019 @ 01:51:12

    You have certainly had your share of grief, Stu and Amanda… it’s true that books can help a bit, because it’s so easy to feel alone when you are bereaved (even when you’re not, and you have the love of a partner beside you). Books can sometimes express the things we find so hard to say…


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