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Having digested and read all this year’s book although I still have a couple to review. But the journey in books took us from China to Latin America modern Korea people caught in people trafficking. Elsewhere we saw Oman from the turn of the century to now through one family a series of cutting short stories from Palestine, with strange going on in the Polish countryside. I decided that the winner for me was the one that was maybe pushing the boundary of what is fiction. As it sits in that place between fiction and non-fiction in a way. is what this blog loves to champion as a reader I love books that leave you wondering and amazed and this book ticked those boxes. The book is by Annie Ernaux book the years. My review is here. The actual prize is announced tonight but for me this piece of post-war France view through one woman’s eyes her family the cultural highs to lows she saw. The lament of recent tech taking over what is culture as the world opens learning books reading become something besides the net. I enjoyed solo doing the list after years of group judging finally the book I wanted won Well for me. Let’s see what happens tonight. Have you read the list what were your favorites? I will be back next year with another Winstonsdad man booker and let’s see how a change in sponsor changes the prize?

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  1. Michael @ Knowledge Lost
    May 22, 2019 @ 01:07:22

    Loved The Years, would have been happy if it won, but I understand why it didn’t, since it’s a memoir.


  2. Lisa Hill
    May 22, 2019 @ 01:38:38

    As you know I’ve been on some of your shadow juries, and hosted some of my own as well, but I have to say, that just as a reader, I find it hard to keep up an interest in everybody’s review of the same book especially if it’s a big jury of more than three or four. So these days, I’d rather just follow a one-man ‘jury’ that consists of my favourite reviewer of translated fiction. And you know who that is, don’t you!


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