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It’s a new year and the time of year when all us book bloggers make our reading plans for the coming year. Well, a few old favourites blog-wise,  will still be on this bloggers list to do. I will be doing another Shadow man booker this year. I want to do another Spanish lit month with Richard. I have a number of books waiting for this year event. Then, of course, German lit month. I have already filled my shelves ready for next year event. For me these three events keep me ticking over I love a challenge. I have seen a number of lists of books coming out. But I always just happy with the books  I get sent and if anything else catches my eye book wise I tend to get them these days.









I hope to remember John Steinbeck over the year as it will be 50 years since his death, I have a number of his books on my shelves I’m not doing a readalong or week but would happily help anyone that wanted to do. Books on my TBR I am looking forward to are the open letter books from last year I have brought and still have to read four of them. The invented part, island of point Nemo, Tomas Jonsson bestseller and Chronicle of the murdered house. River by Esther Kinsky is another great looking book from Fitzcarraldo. Before that, I need to clear a backlog of about five books from last year. I am already one book into this year reading this year.I intend to try and reach 100 French books on the blog and also get to 900 books read and maybe add three or four more countries to the blog. What are your plans

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  1. Somali Bookaholic
    Jan 01, 2018 @ 20:47:59

    I have several Steinbeck book but alas i have read only A russian Journal but i guess it is the time to start reading his other books.
    Since i discovared your blog you rekindled my reading nature and i hope in the end of this year to read five books from Balzac five books from
    Three from gaustave flauber
    Three from guy de maupassant
    Four from Stendhal
    Five from George Sand
    I guess am iver reaching myself but i believe they worth it and i hope i achieve it


    • winstonsdad
      Jan 01, 2018 @ 21:02:23

      Great to know I sparked your reading they sound great plans


    • Lisa Hill
      Jan 01, 2018 @ 23:10:17

      I *loved* that Russian Journal by Steinbeck. It was such a contrast to the picture of the USSR that we grew up with. I would certainly recommend that one too.


      • winstonsdad
        Jan 01, 2018 @ 23:11:05

        Thanks Lisa I haven’t read it so may get it

      • Somali Bookaholic
        Jan 02, 2018 @ 00:10:25

        Hi Lisa we live in time where people of my age am 23 know and have read Harry potter or game of thrones more than they have read dickens or even Conrad
        It is people like you and many bloggers who still keep the reading the really good books and motivate young people like us to really good books .
        I really reading Steinbeck journal as he yold the whole truth about the living standards in post war USSR and since he was American he had the more freedom to tell the truth more than his contemporaries

      • Lisa Hill
        Jan 02, 2018 @ 01:43:44

        I know, sometimes it can feel quite lonely when everyone else seems to have no interest in the great books out there, but as the blogosphere shows there are many of us, and we can all chat to each other online:)

      • Somali Bookaholic
        Jan 02, 2018 @ 01:48:52

        Thanks a lot for your work

  2. Jonathan
    Jan 01, 2018 @ 21:10:58

    Nice bookshelves!

    I keep meaning to read some more Steinbeck so maybe I will as it’s now fifty years since his death. I want to read East of Eden amongst others. I get the feeling that Steinbeck is slowly fading away in the public consciousness, which is a shame really.


  3. kaggsysbookishramblings
    Jan 01, 2018 @ 22:00:05

    That’s a cosy looking reading nook Stu! I have lots of unread Steinbeck so maybe I will get to some this year.


  4. Bellezza
    Jan 02, 2018 @ 01:02:44

    I agree with you about loving the MBIP Shadow Panel, and German and Spanish lit month. I also love Paris in July and ny own Japanese Literature Challenge. 😉 These events are time honored and a joy to look forward to. (I like the picture of your reading space.)


  5. roughghosts
    Jan 02, 2018 @ 02:14:44

    Nice to see that your relatively new bookcases are already double-stacked, Stu. Happy reading!


  6. Rob Burdock (@RobAroundBooks)
    Jan 02, 2018 @ 08:08:58

    Yes, yes, YES on the Steinbeck’s Stu ❤ <3. Hope your 2018 goes well.


  7. 1streading
    Jan 02, 2018 @ 10:25:46

    I hadn’t realised it was 50 years since Steinbeck’s death – reading some Steinbeck this year sounds like a great idea. Your Open Letter books are all on my wishlist as well! Good luck with your plans for 2018 – whatever you read I can’t wait to hear about it.


  8. lizzysiddal
    Jan 02, 2018 @ 10:46:24

    Thanks for the reminder re Steinbeck. Haven’t read him since my teens. High time to revisit.


  9. Martha G
    Jan 02, 2018 @ 14:22:28

    Stu, What great reading plans! Before you start those Open Letter books you might like to look at publisher Chad Post’s Two Month Review program. I read The Invented Part and Thomas Jonsson with the program. Chad posted notes on his Three Percent blog, set up a Goodread discussion group, and had weekly podcasts with interesting guests (including the translators and author Rodrigo Fresan). It was a lot of fun and really enhanced my reading of these two great books. It’s all still available at http://www.rochester.edu/College/translation/threepercent/ (notes and podcasts) and https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/216472 (Goodreads group).

    I also read and enjoyed Chronicle of a Murdered House. And Steinbeck!…but I’ve used enough space. Happy Reading!


  10. Pat
    Jan 07, 2018 @ 00:10:09

    Well Stu, having seen your 100 up aim for French books, and then looked over my numbers I guess I will be aiming for 100 on French too, 50 on German and 25 on Spanish, if I can manage round numbers, thanks for making me think about it, i suppose I need to just do it as the sportswear people say.


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