A dutch pair new arrivals


This is the first of two Dutch novels to arrive in recent days , I have actually read this one finished it last night it is a tale of one mans story about the first world ar David is a teacher but he has an attraction to a shy pupil that needs a bright world that is what david tries to bring , but the war catches up and as he tries to teach then men un der him about the world and how to read and write he decides to try and escape the horror of the war. This was a big hit in Dutch speaking world it was pick for a dutch talk show as a book club read.


Then we have a book by a writer I have featured before Otto de kat his man on the move was reviewed here seven years ago. This is story of Emma Verweij she is now 96 and waiting to die and looking back on her life and the war years when her home the house she is in now was stronghold for her friends during the war. As she tries to hide the first husband and the nazis past in Germany. Otto de kat is the pen name of the dutch publisher jan Geurt Gaarlandt he choose the name after a relative also called Otto de kat a successful Dutch painter in his day .

What books have you had arrive ?

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melissa Beck
    Feb 03, 2017 @ 13:03:03

    I’ve just gotten the latest from Peirene and from Two Lines Press. Both look very interesting! Have a happy weekend reading, Stu.


  2. kaggsysbookishramblings
    Feb 03, 2017 @ 15:37:43

    Nice! I had an intriguing looking book about classical medicine from the OUP which I wasn’t expecting!


  3. BookerTalk
    Feb 03, 2017 @ 18:29:57

    Like the sound of both of these. I got give four books this week but since I was recovering from surgery at the time I can’t remember the titles of even one of them!


  4. 1streading
    Feb 04, 2017 @ 21:26:22

    I’ve read Otto de Kat’s last three novels and certainly intend to read this one.


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