Tech problems and german lit reading



Well I have had a busy few days when I had intend to blog the simple matter of a new phone and  laptop turned into a three act drama. first off I was in line for a new phone as my contract was running out so , after much debate about which phone to get I decide to go retro and got the iPhone se as it was when I tweeted most with my smaller iphones much easier to use. which seemed a good idea so the other night I got home set it up and then decide I should blog. Next day as the gaps are getting further apart in my blogging of late. I decide it was about time to pull my socks up. I was mistaken a decision to update my new phone which then crashed sent me  into a spiral of what to do as I needed a pc, as my chromebook is a gem for blogging but as for ITUNES and word documents it is hard and as I have recently started my NVQ 3 in care and need to do most of the work on line I rushed out for a new laptop and hope that it will get me back on the blogging track as it isn’t lack of reading I am five books into the German lit month reading with some great short gems from seagull books and an epic former German book prize shortlist book. as for me I am happy to be back in the groove reading wise and hope to be in the groove blogging wise.Oh and my phone is now working ok thank goodness  What you been up too ?

October 2016


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