26 years on the shelf my latest library book


I was busy checking the library system and found a Peter Handke , which I think may have been lost before the new library system came online in Derbyshire last month , as I ‘m sure Peter Handke is a writer I would have search for before for a german lit month of just because he is a writer I have enjoyed in the past especially his work with Wim Wenders on the films they have made together The goalies anxiety at the penalty kick , The wrong move and of course one my all time favourites wings of desire .I picked this up yesterday from my library (very handy only two mins walk and great staff ) .I noticed this evenong that it had been 26 years since this book was last stamp so this poor Peter handke has been sat around waiting to be read again .Have you ever check a book out that has sat around for years ?


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  1. Wendy
    Sep 23, 2015 @ 17:27:10

    I can’t check anymore. Our library has gone digital with barcodes. No more stamps…I used to love checking too!!


  2. MarinaSofia
    Sep 23, 2015 @ 17:50:50

    Oh, poor book, poor Handke! But maybe it was lost for 26 years?


  3. Jonathan
    Sep 23, 2015 @ 18:57:59

    Lately, I’m finding books are disappearing from my library’s catalogue. I often get books from their reserve store but I guess they’re running out of room.


  4. kaggsysbookishramblings
    Sep 23, 2015 @ 19:36:42

    That’s a long gap, but at least your library still had the book – so many are being shed from the system it’s nice when the older works are still available.


  5. Dagny
    Sep 23, 2015 @ 20:09:40

    Isn’t it sad when that happens. I think I’ve even come across a few books that had never been checked out, just their lonely little form all ready for a due date stamp.

    Those forms and pockets are pretty much a thing of the past here now. They are still in the books acquired prior to a few years ago, but are no longer updated. Instead the information goes right into the computer and the librarian tells me the date the book is due to be returned.


  6. A Little Blog of Books
    Sep 23, 2015 @ 20:10:08

    I wasn’t even born in March 1989… it’s amazing that your library keeps books that long though!


  7. Lisa Hill
    Sep 23, 2015 @ 23:53:47

    Don’t you love it when you rescue a book like this? Coincidentally, because it’s also a German book – it happened to me with Buddenbrooks at my library.


  8. kimbofo
    Sep 26, 2015 @ 08:16:11

    Oh goodness, that’s a long time between reads. My library no longer stamps books so you can’t tell when they were last borrowed. But I do find that a lot of the books I request are in “reserve” and have to be extracted from storage, so I like knowing I’m bringing the book back into use if only on a short-term basis.


  9. BookerTalk
    Oct 05, 2015 @ 20:03:01

    Our main library keeps telling me that don’t have room on the shelves so a lot of the books I want are in reserve. Which means they have to go down to the basement (which they hate doing). The problem is really that they insist on putting loads of celeb biographies in prime position …


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