To Read or not too read ? But leave Terry alone !


Borges describe Heaven as a kind of library .Now what would be in that library . That is a good  question for everyone it would be different as we are all different  I haven;t read Terry Pratchett but when I read an article the other day called Get real Terry Pratchett is not a literary Genius  , a dreadful piece by a writer that hadn’t read .The books of the writer he was so easy to cast away as inferior .A good question is why pick a writer you have no knowledge of and that has just died .Who decides if he will be literary or added to the cannon of books well time many books have been considered inferior when they came out  .The writer of the piece , said the outcry  for Terry was far more than when Gunter Grass and Gabriel Garcia Marquez .Well maybe the outcry was more in Spanish and German for both these writers ? A quick search for Gunter grass is dead in german turn up pages of results . I love both those writers but would I want them to have had more coverage than Terry Pratchett’s death no  I don’t Terry got the coverage he deserved , for a good  many reason his willingness to talk about  his dementia , the fact he touched his fans far more than both Grass and Marquez have (sorry but any one seen a gathering of his fans on tv knows they would died for him ) and is considered someone who has made a lot of males in the 18-30 age group pick up a book  and read for those three reason alone but you could caryy on and I could name one reason each for Marquez and Grass why coverage would be less but I am no Troil . So as this Paris review piece said it is to troil writers , we all know writers that don’t appeal but maybe we should all live in our version of Borges’ Heaven a library of our choice be an odysseus on a voyage of books discovery and maybe along the way slay a few monster we may not know of be scared of . I haven’t read Terry’s books but we all have that choice not to read as I wish I had the article in the guardian .I may never read Terry Pratchett but thats because he isn’t on my journey to Ithaca , but I admire what he did .

September 2015


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