Female singers for wit month

Earlier this month I did a collection of female singers in bands and said I would be back later in the month with three of my all time favourite female singers well it is hard to pick three but here we go –

I love pj harvey since she first burst on to the scene with her raw rock sound with songs like Sheela na gig  from her debut album , which I first heard on the john peel show .But this performance of down by the water fromJools is just perfect .She is one singer that changes as she has grown over the years each album is  eagerly awaited by me .

Joanna Newsom I first heard on an uncut cd ( a uk based rock magazine ) about the time her second album Ys about a mythical city on the coast of france that was swallowed by the sea . Her voice is rather like Bjork but to me the overall sound and lyrics of Joanna appeals more and also she has a new album due soon .

Well it was a choice for this third singer between Kate Bush , but most people are aware of her work so I went for the Diamanda Galas a true one of her voice is totally unique ,subjects cover in her songs are HIV , death , mental illness and despair .Cheery stuff but this song and album the singer is her most accessible material . I know not really anything to do with Woman in translation month but I do mainly mention male voices in my music posts here .

What is your favourite female singer ?

August 2015


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