Women in translation Month a sneak peek at what I’m doing


Now here is the first pic of five books that have already been read ready for Women in translation month . This selection includes the much talked about The vegetarian bu HanKang , a trio of interlinking stories from Korea . Then we get two new to english writers from France Emilie de Turckheim book Heloise is bald , about a girl growing up in love with the doctor that was at her birth .Then there is  by Helle Helle book this should be written in the present tense follows a student falling of the rails in great detail .The we have the second book by Finnish writer Sofi Oksanen a story of two lives during world war two . Then there is Lenora a sort of bridge between my Spanish lit month and next months Women in translation by Meytal from Biblibio  as it is a spanish translation the story of Lenora Carrington the English surrealist painter that lived in Mexico by Elena Poniatowska . So they are in the pipeline read and ready to go next month . I now have a few possible books no firm plans yet but as I am in a purple patch of reading an blogging I can’t see why I cannot read another five books next month .



A selection of woman writers from my shelves some of these and maybe a few others will be joining the first five books two writers I want to add are Faiza Guene one brightest french talents and also Maguerite Yourcenar one best women writers in French in the 20th century . I also have not pictured a second book by Clarice lispector that Amanda brought me . As I looked today through my shelves I was surprised how many books by woman in translation I had (There is at least another 20 plus books on my shelves ) .I felt I didn’t take the first women in translation to serious as for me it is a case of  subdividing a topic of more books in English in translation to a smaller topic of women in translation to my mind getting more books translated will lead to more female writers being translated as we only translate 4% of the total books published we maybe need get the figure up as a whole . But this year I want to join in more as they are all books in translation and that is all this blog is doing these days .I look forward to seeing what others review this month , what have you in mind ?




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  1. Simon T
    Jul 19, 2015 @ 14:11:19

    Oo, I was planning on read The Gourmet by Muriel Barbery soon, so that would work for this month.


  2. Olga
    Jul 19, 2015 @ 14:57:45

    Love your list, Stu – excellent mix of newer and older books, emerging and established writers. Will try to read something by Yourcenar and Wartime Notebooks, to join the discussion. Will also be stealing Dacia Maraini and Renate Dorrestein for the list of authors to explore.


  3. JacquiWine
    Jul 20, 2015 @ 07:55:03

    Looking forward to hearing what you think of Leonara, Stu – it sounds really interesting. I read Helle Helle’s novel earlier this year and wasn’t sure about it at first but then something about it really got under my skin. It’s the sort of story that stays with you.

    Having pushed the button on Teffi last week, I’ve been searching my shelves for other WIT candidates. Should have two or three reviews for August, all being well.


  4. TJ @ MyBookStrings
    Jul 20, 2015 @ 14:39:31

    I just finished reading When the Doves Disappeared. I was so happy to see a book translated from the Finnish at the library. Sadly, it didn’t quite work for me, but I hope you have better luck with it. I’m still planning to read Purge though, Oksanen’s first book.


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