Pickwick and Pickwick Doubling the reads

death and Mr Pickwick

I fetched this book from the library the other day , I had wanted to wait till I could buy it but saw it in the Library and just couldn’t wait .Death and Mr Pickwick is a historic novel  about the writing of Charles Dickens novel and the characters around the book that inspired Dickens or Boz  and the guy Robert Seymour that did the illustrations for the original books . He later killed himself  . So I am preparing to dive into both this and the original book that was the starting point for the book , this and Stephen Jarvis finding out about Robert Seymour’s life and using him as one of four main characters in this epic book Death and mr Pickwick is 800 pages long  .I will also  be reading my step grandfather edition of The Pickwick papers , which is the same edition I read many years ago on a holiday at my dads in my teens . So in twenty-five years , will the book seem different .I think over that quarter of a century it maybe has fallen down the ranks of Dickens novels maybe as it hasn’t had a new tv or film version since 1985 , which I watch at the time which made me read the book at the time  , this version appears to be online and the 1952 film as well on you tube both worth watching .The best film is the 1952 one , in which the main character is well portrayed by James Hayter , this film also lead to the book being a huge hit in Russia at the time , as the film was the first british film to be shown in Russia after world war two . So at end of this month it will be all Pickwick here as I try to read both books .

Have you read either book ? I will be bringing review of both at some point next month !

the pickwick papers

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  1. Jonathan
    Jul 10, 2015 @ 19:28:26

    I don’t think I’ve ever seriously considered reading Pickwick Papers but maybe I should consider it. I haven’t read any Dickens for years – I think Bleak House or Oliver Twist may be my first choices though.


  2. Stephen Jarvis
    Jul 10, 2015 @ 19:45:58

    Hi – it is Stephen Jarvis, the author of Death and Mr Pickwick here. I hope you enjoy my novel. You might also like to take a look at the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/deathandmrpickwick where I post something every day, There is a real sense of a ‘fan community’ starting up at that page. You might also be interested in entering the Death and Mr Pickwick photo competition. You’ll find details here: http://www.deathandmrpickwick.com/#!competition/c1ny2 All the best Stephen


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