Gender , publishing and reading fuck that lets do a year of publishing translation !!!!


Sorry to swear but  as Well as many of you will have seen there has been a lot about Females in publishing and a suggested year of publishing female and one publisher has taken up the challenge . Now for me as a male it is hard to comment on this situation , I don’t like counting what I’ve  read or feeling as thou I have to read this many x y or z books to make a quota hell no one is telling me what to read  . I’m taken back to an episode of west wing about feminism and one characters negative  reaction to positive measures for females and why should they have them  if the laws in place are worked probably they are not needed , this was a female character , a right-wing character and in some ways I the arch left winger agreed hell no one is helping me get published or offering me a step on any ladder anytime soon but then I’m just a white northern male !  . It is a hard topic for me to discuss  as a male I don’t want to come across as a caveman , I feel bad as I as a reader tend to be drawn to male voices in the books I read  , but through translation have connected with more female voices from around the world .For me the important thing in a novel  is the story and subject and for these things to push the boundaries for me as a reader whether in style , story matter or characters . I could be shot down but then I say to you go out read books from 100 plus countries and then come back to me and tell me about diversity in reading ! So I wont be doing a year of women , no just same as ever  a year of translation the same as last year the year before and the year before that for me getting more books in translation is the one true struggle even in this I feel the more get translated the more females that will be translated . So a year of publishing women too easy way to easy a year of translation now that would be daring challenging , find new countries , new voices but then as Lennon said I am a dream and maybe the only one .So like Janus I’m looking both ways and dreaming of a day when a year of translated books would seem important to people .I challenge a publisher to just do translation in 2020 for a year of vision 20/20 vision !!!!

June 2015


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