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Well its been an annoying few days for me at winston towers I did reblog and then remove an advert for people to join the shadow jury  for IFFP .Which I had started  in 2012 , but it served to confused people to who was running the jury so I have  decided to share running the jury with Tony from Tony’s reading list from now on , he has far more admin skills than me and has actually taken part in every shadow jury .This will free time for my new project with Lisa  from Anzlitlovers  .The Winston’s iffp which I will be doing every year from now , in which we will pick four or five past winners or short listed books (mainly female writers as there hasn’t been a female winner ) for the prize , over the years Lisa and I hope to build a back list of reviews for all the books that have been on the IFFP prize list .We choose now to start this as it is the 25th anniversary of the prize this year .So the first five books we have chosen are .




1990 Blue ribbonOrhan Pamuk, The White Castle (Turkish, Victoria Holbrook)

1994 Blue ribbonBao Ninh, The Sorrow of War (Vietnamese, Phanh Thanh Hao)

2004 Blue ribbonJavier Cercas, Soldiers of Salamina (Translated from the Spanish by Anne McLean)

2007 Eva Menasse, Vienna (German, trans. Anthea Bell)

2009 Celine Curiol, Voice Over (translated by Sam Richard from the French)

So basically I’ve given my self a lot of books to read over next few months but I am in the middle of a big reading high (never sure what would be opposite to slump so i just say a high lol ) .Also had chance to work with two bloggers I really enjoy .The Winston’s IFFP list is a good snapshot the first winner , one from Europe , one from Asia and two shortlisted female writers make a nice mix for our first Winston’s IFFP .Be back before the end of the month with my guess of this year longlist  , a few more reviews to go up yet .So there will be a lot of IFFP love from this blog .

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tony
    Feb 11, 2015 @ 21:29:09

    Let the games begin! 😉


  2. Lisa Hill
    Feb 11, 2015 @ 22:24:33

    I’m looking forward to our new project, Stu. I’ve got 30+ IFFP reviews on my blog but they are from 2012-3. Yet there are so many good books on the winners list over the years, it will be great to be building up a resource of these other books so that they don’t get overlooked as the years go by.


  3. parrish lantern
    Feb 12, 2015 @ 20:58:32

    Liking the sound of these ideas & will follow with interest & as a past participant in the shadow IFFP will be curious about what you choose


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  5. MarinaSofia
    Feb 15, 2015 @ 12:31:20

    You can count on me to read your thoughts, reviews, participate, tweet in any way I can – I love this (massive) project you take on every year!


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