Winston’s Top 5 albums of 2014

Well still debating what is going be on my books of the year so I will start out with five albums I have loved this year a mix of the new and the reissued albums for the last twelve months that I have been listing too .

1. Benji by Sun kill moon

Well this has easily been my most listen to album I have always been a fan of mark kozelek from his early days as red house painter .But this album just sees him turn into a true confessional singer the songs are so heart breaking mainly about people he has lost in his own life or his loved ones .

2 Scott walker and sunn 0)))

Well was there ever a better combination for a album Scott walker has been getting more avant grade in his singing and music ever since he went solo , so in my mind it was only a matter of time to this happened he got in expermential rock band Sunn 0))) to do his latest album adding a meancing background to his surreal lyrics .

3 Spiderland by Slint

Now a classic album that has been reissued this year spiderland was slint ‘s second album and a classic of the fast slow fast style and has long been a favourite of mine maybe one of the best post rock albums .Good morning captain was in the film Kids years ago so many of you will maybe know it .

4 Gentlemen by Afghan Whigs

Another reissue by a singer and his first band that for me never quite became as big as they should be Greg dulli voice sits somewhere between barfly , soul singer and rock god .Maybe that is reason he is hard to pigeon-hole , so it was great to see this come out again after 21 years .

5 Way out weather by Steve Gunn


An album that saw a great guitarist finally step into the limelight he has played with a number of great bands in particular with Kurt Vile in recent years so his solo album was a real treat for me to listen too .

What have been your albums of the year ?

December 2014


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