Hot chops in space and burnt moby dick the world of book stunts

Well in the space of 24 hours the net has been alive with two books stunts of course book stunts have been about for years , from Georges Simenon once wrote a book whilst sealed in a glass box .The stunts in last two days have seen the wonderful Nikesh Shukla doing a stunt by sending a tandoori lamb chop into space to promote his book Meat space which I reviewed and I still think is one best comic looks at the internet and how people interact with it in the modern age .A fun way to highlight a great book .

The second stunt is worrying as it sees James Patterson burning books to highlight the drop in reading in the US , now the cause is right like the UK people read fewer books than they once did , from my own knowledge the main problem in the US is diverse literature for kids , it is hard to identify with books if the people you read about aren’t the same as you , well I could say maybe more books from the Spanish-speaking world for kids translated may help and more African fiction .What got me is him burning good books , his own well I know people love him, but for me he has become the Andy Warhol of fiction , he has ideas gets others to write the book on the whole and then puts his name on the cover .I wish someone would do a stunt like this that gets the papers attention to translated fiction !! Maybe I need to think up some mad idea ?

How would you get people reading books , it is an eternal question how often do you see a book on tv shows ? Now libraries are closing here I worry how the next generation will get on .


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  1. Emma
    Nov 26, 2014 @ 20:56:39

    Sarcastic me will say that I hope Patterson burned his own books, the world won’t miss them.
    As for the next generation, we must not give up on them. I tend to buy books as presents to kids birthday parties for example.

    My son is not a great reader but I keep on trying, softly. It seems to work these days: I expected him to put aside my latest attempt at making him read but he was actually pleased. Perhaps he’s not lost for the cause. -:)
    It’s our responsibility to spread the news: reading is marvellous.


  2. BookerTalk
    Dec 01, 2014 @ 02:10:27

    The book burning stunt didn’t work for me. I don’t think it was advisable to use an activity associated with Nazi Germany. And why the focus on American literature – isn’t the risk to all literature regardless of where it comes from


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