A song for sunday which band did I see three times in less than a year

Yes in 1991 I had a real liking for the indie band Curve on the edge of the shoegazing scene they released three single word titled eps in 1991 ,Blindfold ,Frozen and Cherry ,all did well on the old Indie chart .It was an ex that took me to see them first in Manchester just after the début ep came out ,I loved them they mixed driving guitars with a slight dance feel under Toni haildays heartfelt lyrics .Any way back home in Northumberland My friend Paul who was also a fan decide to go see them twice in a row first at Newcastle then the night after in Middlesbrough  .Anyway in the Newcastle Gig I swear I had seen the band in the crowd just before their gig ,I even said to Paul he said no but when they took to the stage he said I was right .Anyway next night I had the same t shirt on a  Einstürzende Neubauten the german Industrial band that has Bliza bargeld the guitarist from Nick Cave and the bad seeds at the time ,we saw the band members again I said lets go say hello and we did and spoke to Debbie the bassist in the band for a good while see said see saw us the night before due to my EN  tshirt as she was also a fan of the band .So that is the story of how I saw a band three times in a year ,I feel sorry Curve never quite broke huge as they could been as their sound was very like Garbage that followed them !! Any way be back later with a review

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