Who am I who is the man behind the blog

Well as it’s two weeks before I go yet again to london for the IFFP , and think back at how I’ve met many folks some get on some seemed to have completely blanked me after meeting so inspired by the books of Karl Ove I’ve decided to talk about myself and who I am well most of you know I Stuart I prefer stu actually I’m forty plus well just over , I was born in Northern Ireland , my dad is Irish my mum is English I lived in Northern Ireland til I was just over one so I’m told then we lived in hazel Grove this is my first memories of my brother being born when I was three I got a police car off my grand parents , I don’t remember my brother but the car I do remember sorry Duncan, when I was seven then we moved to Poyton a small village outside manchester I loved it here fireworks at a lake every year , going to youth club discovering the library and the endless battles and fun with my younger brother .Then my parents split both remarried with in a couple of years this gave me a new brother and sister and my step father we moved to congleton a small town between manchester and Stoke , this was the first set back in my life really I dropped back from being top of the sets at high school to bottom ! When we moved schools ,Something I never really recovered from but I eventually enjoyed school discover music my first real passion via beat route a wonderful small indie shop finished school with lower grades than expect just below what I need to carry on .So I joined college studied electrical engineering but problems at home meant I never quite achieved what should done moves between my mum and dad over a three-year period set me back I was just an angry young man at the wrong time with beauty of hindsight, it would have been different but then we all say that during a lot of this time I had volunteered at play groups with people with disabilities .So I decided to work in care ,first with old people , the day centre I worked at was a great start I helped get a green house built to grow plants , set up a quiz league and helped a man who
was blind find his way round the town to do his shopping ,all these things I am so proud of doing .I then yet again decide to move with impulse to Germany after meeting a German girl on an exchange with work impulsive but maybe where the seed of this blog was planted work with refugees in a factory to earn money whilst there some fun times playing word games in my basic German or discussing football .We then returned to England and set up home but we eventually we broke up and I stayed in Northumberland where my dad was living then and worked in a day service for people with learning disabilities had my first dog and life was a very quiet one but then a series of problems brought me to chesterfield where my dad was living at the time a reunion with my brother who had lived these years with my mum and to carry on working with people with learning disabilities I now work I. A house with six people in and have for twelve years this is 300 meters from my home now .I meet my wife via internet whilst here we’ve been together ten years married seven soon . My whole life happens in chesterfield I very rarely travel outside it this coming trip is the second time this year I’ve been outside chesterfield .So yes I have a northern accent , maybe don’t know quite how to put myself across at times , but at heart I’m just a simple chap that took a chance set up a blog and sometimes like my trip to London gets to see a different world ,one where maybe I don’t fully know the rules heck that be a great idea a rule book for being a book blogger from the publishers lol .
Why do you blog ?
Well a lot of my life I struggled to get across what was in my head due to my handwriting being virtually unreadable .But my wife suggest we get a laptop and I discover first twitter and then blogs and the rest is history

When did books become important to you
Well always really my dad is a huge reader ,but when I was twenty in Germany I really want to read and my dad sent me some more literary books to read and that started me off bit by bit of course in my twenties I loved going out , football ,movies and drinking so maybe could read more but marriage has quieten me down and now I just read and still watch football .
What do you do apart from read ?
Well love football , movies ,walking winston and baking
What are your dreams
Well apart from world turning upside and a job where you have people fate in your hand and their hopes and dreams to help become true ,suddenly being seen for a job worthy of decent pay .Maybe a chance to help translation get more appreciation and value via the blog .Ny dreams are small I do live in the real world
So if you see me say hi if your about on 22nd may

That’s me all six foot four

May 2014


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