C90 memories

Well today is the first national Cassette store day .I still have a few cassettes about and both the hifi’s in my house can play them ,so its a shame we haven’t a record shop here to join in .So I decide to share a few cassette memories .I got my first cassette player when I was about 12 a toshiba twin deck in red with four band radio it led me into a world of buying albums but also recording tracks I loved on John Peel at night .So I will share some fond memories of five songs from that time .

19 – paul hardcastle- This was my first album the album was called Paul Hardcastle it had a number of dancer track than this one but it was this song that made me buy this Album .This song was so big that summer and one of the first big purely from sample hits .This song maybe also made me wonder about poltics and life given it subject people dying young due to war .

Some people -The Farm .Before there huge change in direction with Alll together now and the baggy influence on them the farm where a left leaning  indie band and thanks to my friend Jamie I got into them and there live tape I brought from their fan club was one of my favourites in the summer of 1987 .I loved the tone of these early songs they had a bittersweet quality that they never quite matched later on .

Suedehead – Morrissey well anyone that new me in 1988 would have known me as a huge Smiths fan even down to a trade mark Quiff ,Levis and specs I never really needed  .So when I heard  John peel played this weeks before its release on single and I got it down that night I was listening to it till it wore out .Also my favourite video by Morrissey as I like him had a huge James Dean fan thing going so him wandering round  Dean’s home town was great .For me his music gave a shy boy a world to fall into ,one that felt he knew me and I knew him .

Mercy seat – Nick Cave and the bad seeds – This was maybe the first time I ventured outside what my group of friends listen to after hearing this the first single from the album on the radio .I went to Beatroute in Congleton( my all time favourite record shop a mecca for a budding indie fan ) where I lived and brought this album on tape .for the next two years it was probably my most played tape .by this time I had been given a brand new my second Walkman this was a tiny one from boots not much bigger than my tapes with auto reverse and a graphic equalizer so seemed the bees knees to the 16yr old stu .

The way the world is by Pale saints

1990 and this album was that summer favourite a warm and memorable summer ,maybe one of the lesser known bands from the shoegazing movement .I always found this album The comfort of madness near prefect album for drifting on sunny days .That Christmas saw my first CD player arrive so even thou I still had tapes brought tapes they became less important barring old mixes of songs II had made featuring most of the songs mention here .

What are your tape memories ?


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  1. kaggsysbookishramblings
    Sep 07, 2013 @ 16:08:53

    Apart from the horrors that followed when you played a tape too much and it started to wear out, or go at the wrong speed, or get stuck – my happiest memories are of making up tapes based around a theme for myself or a friend. It had a kind of appeal that just isn’t there with a CD, and I don’t know why!


  2. Vishy
    Sep 08, 2013 @ 08:56:08

    Beautiful post, Stu! Nice to see a Nick Cave song among your favourites 🙂 I still have my cassette player and I have refused to let go off my cassette collection. Though the CDs and later the MP3 players and today’s sophisticated players have made things more easier and efficient, there was a romance attached to cassette tapes. And what can match the romance of making a mix tape? I felt very nostalgic after reading post. Thanks for sharing this.


  3. Brian Joseph
    Sep 08, 2013 @ 13:44:15

    I also grew up in the cassette era and lots of my musical memories originate form that medium. So many and so complicated memories that it is virtually impossible to discuss them short of a thousand words or so!

    It seems that in the USA nostalgia for the cassette has not caught on. There is however, as I assume it is the case in the UK, a huge revival in vinyl records.


    • winstonsdad
      Sep 08, 2013 @ 14:34:47

      I saw news piece about why cassettes making a come back it seems still cheapest way to make albums so some start up labels going back to it as a format


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