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Well just noticed in my notification on phone app it’s my anniversary of blogging today I actually thought it was later in the week well four years today I decide to start winston’s dad as many of you know I had celebrated at turn of year but this year didn’t to get inane so it’s happy fourth to me and the blog so 300 plus books covered and 280000 hits on .I reach this milestone ,what has blogging brought me,well chances to meet fellow bloggers writers and book folk .I also have expanded my own reading bounds and hopefully of readers of this blog .Many thanks one and all for continued support .

Dutch Lit fortnight – Herman Koch Answers some questions

the dinner

I was lucky to be able to Ask the writer of The dinner a few questions via E-mail ,so here are his answers ,you can also see my review Here and A look at the food in The dinner here .
1 Which writers have influenced you ?
I started with reading the Russians when I was sixteen, I think they still have the biggest influence: Tcheckov, Turgenev, Tolstoj and Dostojewski.

2 How did you come up for the idea for the dinner ?
It starrted with a real event in Barcelona where two boys molested a homeless person in a cash machine. The boys looked so nice, so normal, they were laughing and having fun, and I thought: “They are ruining their whole future in five minutes….” So from the starting point I identified with the boys, not with their victim. That was the trigger for the book.

3 How many meals out did you have before deciding on the menu for the meal ?
I tried to remember all the absurd meals I had in the past twenty years. And I thought of all the restaurants where I would never go back again. That was my research.

4 Are the brothers problems meant to be seen in a wider context of Holland itself ?
No, I don’t think their situation applies particularly to Holland. More to Europe, or the ‘Western world’ in general. Although you will find some exaggerated political correctness in our country.

5 I have previously ask both Cees Nooteboom and Gerbrand Bakker to describe what makes Dutch literature so unique. What are your thoughts ?
I am not sure. We live in a rather boring and spoiled country. Maybe Dutch literature is only unique in that it wasn’t noticed in the past 200 years in the rest of the world.

6 What are you favourite Dutch books ?
For me there is only one, I think it has been translated into English: The Dark Room of Damocles by W.F. Hermans.

dlf-1 (1)

I put this up today as part of Iris on books Dutch Lit fortnight 

June 2013


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